Why do we have a subscription scheme?

Wakefield Jazz Club is loved by top jazz artists in the UK and worldwide
When Martin Drew played his last gig, you will remember him saying that Wakefield jazz “was one of the best clubs in the UK .. no, the world”.
Tom Cawley flew in especially while on tour with Peter Gabriel.
Top artists love playing here because of the great audience they get.

We want the club to survive and thrive, but…
Arts Council Funding (via Jazz Yorkshire) is being cut and may disappear, new sources of funding are constantly sought with increasing difficulty.

You may not know it, but in the past, committee members have used their own money to fund the club.

The artists are also being paid less than they were a few years ago.

There is no immediate risk of the club closing, but we do need to act now, to create a solid future for the club as things get tougher.

We have put our heads together and considered the options, they are:

1) Double the ticket prices – to fund the club by ticket sales alone, we would need to increase prices to £23 per gig
2) Reduce costs significantly – this would mean more local bands, or bands with one or two national artists and a local rhythm section or halve the number of gigs per year
3) Institute club membership – which would put off a new audience

None of these are what Wakefield Jazz stands for, so we are proposing a voluntary scheme and we are keen for all supporters to join.

1) It will put the club on a sound financial footing
2) It will ensure that we carry on getting the UK’s top talent, and more
3) It is affordable for everyone
4) Everyone who values the club can help guarantee its future
5) It keeps the club open and accessible to attract new people each week

How does it work?
It is a monthly Standing Order that supports the club … that everyone can afford. The Wakefield Jazz Subscription works as follows:

” You pay a fixed amount each month by Standing order
” You choose what you pay from the options below
” There is no “minimum period” or “fixed term”
” You have free entry to every gig whatever the ticket price
” You become a Friend of Wakefield Jazz which gives you voting rights at the AGM and for key club decisions (though there is no obligation to do so)

How much does it cost?
You choose how much you want to pay from the options below:

£25 per month – representing a 25% discount on gigs

£30 per month – representing a 10% discount on gigs

£33 per month – pay exactly the same price

£35 per month – actually, I want to give a tiny bit more

£40 per month – actually, I wouldn’t miss the extra fiver

£50 per month – no, the jazz club needs me, make it top whack

Click on the Request Form button near the top of this page to have a form emailed to you. After completion, you can either email it back or post it via land mail.

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