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January to April 2014

Matt Anderson's Wildflower Sextet
Sarah Gillespie Band
Ant Law Quintet
Peter King Quartet
The Damon Brown / Martin Zenker Group featuring Michael Lutzeier
Josh Kemp's Jazz Prophets

Jean Toussaint Quartet
Dennis Rollins Velocity Trio
Benet McLean Band
Gareth Williams / Dave Green Short Story
Double bill - Jamil Sheriff Trio and Microscopic
Liane Carroll Trio

Matt Anderson's Wildflower Sextet
- With support from 7:30pm from A J Nash Quintet

Modern take on the music of Wayne Shorter.

(Friday 17 January)

Wayne Shorter hit 80 last August, still playing and still stirring things up. His work covers the ground from Art Blakey, through Miles Davis and Weather Report to today. This dynamic new group aims to capture some of the essence of Shorter's approach and sound in a celebration of his music, with re-workings of his compositions as well as new material. The band members include so many award winners that they really are up to the task of honouring one of the greatest jazz musicians of all time.

"Contemporary, original, yet still based on those vital ingredients - harmony, melody and rhythm all knit sympathetically together… a fine example of where it's at… Recommended" - Lance Liddle, bebop spoken here

Matt Anderson - tenor sax
Laura Jurd - trumpet
Alex Munk - guitar
Jamil Sheriff - piano
Sam Vicary - bass
Sam Gardner - drums

Latest CD: None

Web: www.matt-anderson.org.uk

A J Nash Quintet

AJ Nash - Alto Saxophone
Jamie Walton - Trumpet
Tom Berge - Piano
Sam Quintana - Bass
Joe Cox - Drums


Matt Anderson
Matt Anderson


Sarah Gillespie Band

(Friday 24 January)

Gillespie's spiky lyrical gift is utterly distinctive.

Sarah came to Wakefield first with Gilad Atzmon in April 2012. Her dynamic personality and dramatic singing style revealed her as an attractive entertainer. Her music is a fusion of jazz, folk and blues knitted together by a poetic, streetwise lyricism.

The jazz feel is emphasised by her band with Kit Downes leading the inventive soloing.

Glory Days is her fourth CD and received 4 star reviews from ten reviewers (in fact 5 stars from 4 of them) so her star is still in the ascendant.

The Guardian's critic, John Fordham, describes Gillespie as:

"(joining) Bob Dylan's lyrical bite and languid delivery to the forthrightness of Joni Mitchell, with a little rap-like percussiveness thrown in, she is an original."

Sarah Gillespie - voice & guitar
Kit Downes - piano
Ben Bastin - bass
Enzo Zirilli - drums

Latest CD: Glory Days

Web: www.sarahgillespie.com


Sarah Gillespie Sarah Gillespie

Ant Law Quintet

(Friday 31 January)

A band featuring some of the best young musicians in the capital.

Ant Law, from Edinburgh, has trained and worked in both London and Berklee and is an accomplished composer and guitarist. He was first at Wakefield with Steve Hanley's Orion but now brings his own stellar band to play selections from their very well thought-of album Entanglement.

"A split between a coolly relaxed regular-jazz feel and a more rhythmically edgy contemporary approach. This would be an exciting band to hear live." - John Fordham

A vigorous but subtle group sound perfectly calibrated to serve the needs of Law's often tricksy pieces. These are rhythmically complex enough to stretch both performers and listeners whilst, at the same time, bright, punchy and memorable.

Ant Law - guitar
Ivo Neame - piano
Mike Chillingworh - sax
Tom Farmer - bass
James Maddren - drums

Latest CD: Entanglement 33 Jazz ( 33JAZZ230)

Web: www.antlaw.co.uk


Ant Law
Ant Law

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Peter King Quartet

(Friday 7 February)

This gig has been sponsored by a generous Friend of Wakefield Jazz.

Peter has been at the top of UK jazz for more than 50 years and has received many, many awards for both his playing and his writing for jazz and classical ensembles. Now available, his searingly honest autobiographical account of life in Jazz and aero-modelling reveals a comprehensive list of the other jazz greats around the world with whom he has played.

We are honoured that he is bringing his regular quartet to Wakefield once again and can be assured of the very best performance by a band who are dedicated to the same high standards as Peter. Classic post bop jazz of the highest quality.

Peter King - alto sax
Steve Melling - piano
Geoff Gascoyne - bass
Mark Fletcher - drums

Latest CD: Footprints (live)
Autobiography - Flying High: A jazz life and beyond (Northway Books)

Web: www.peterkingjazz.com


Peter King Peter King

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The Damon Brown / Martin Zenker Group featuring Michael Lutzeier

(Friday 14 February)

Damon Brown performs in Europe, Russia and the Far East, notably in Japan.

Damon has to plan visits home carefully between his wide commitments overseas. His contacts do, however, bring the bonus of encouraging international collaborations which he can tour. We are, once again, the beneficiaries of such a collaboration, on this occasion with Swiss baritone saxophone player Michael Lutziere. They have played in the UK previously and received high praise, as for all bands Damon brings. German Martin Zenker, is Steve Grossman's regular bassist. Paul Kirby is Scottish but, like Damon, spends most of his time on other continents. He does, however, have the power of swing. We can look forward to another evening of uplifting, straight ahead jazz.

Damon Brown - trumpet
Michael Lutziere - baritone sax
Paul Kirby - piano
Martin Zenker - bass
Mark Taylor - drums

Latest CD: This time the dream's on me (Nomad Jazz Records)

Web: www.damonbrown.co.uk


Damon Brown Damon Brown

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Josh Kemp's Jazz Prophets
- With support from 7:30pm from the Harry Orme Band

(Friday 21 February)

Josh Kemp plays post bop tenor sax with a terrific rhythm section.

An established player on the London scene Josh makes his first visit to Wakefield with a band to die for. His fourth CD, Tone Poetry, was released this year and features another graduate with a Philosophy degree, the wonderful Tim Lapthorn seen recently here with Trudy Kerr. Mick Hutton is an old respected friend of the club and Matt takes a break from his work with the John Wilson Orchestra (seen at the Proms) to create a rhythmic ground for the band.

Josh is an active member of Walthamstow's E17 collective for whom he writes material and he runs Fulltone Recording, specialising in capturing acoustic music. He is also an active jazz educator: he conducts workshops and courses around the country and has directed the Cambridge Youth Jazz Orchestra for seven years.

"Wonderfully rich toned tenorist Josh Kemp with a laconic, subtle, highly nuanced and original sound" - Time Out

Josh Kemp - tenor sax
Tim Lapthorn - piano
Mick Hutton - bass
Matt Skelton - drums

Latest CD: Tone Poetry

Web: www.joshkemp.com

Harry Orme's band

Harry Orme - guitar
Declan Forde - piano
Will Howard - tenor sax
Sam Vicary - bass
Sam Gardner - drums


Josh Kemp Josh Kemp

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Jean Toussaint Quartet

(Friday 28 February)

Ex-Art Blakey Messenger promises Coltrane-inspired excitement.

Born in the Caribbean, Toussaint studied at Berklee with peers Branford Marsalis, Greg Osby, Jeff 'Tain' Watts and others. He joined Blakey in 1982 and toured and recorded with him for four years. Based in New York, Toussaint regularly led the jam sessions at the famous Blue Note club. He came to London in 1987 and never left. He is currently on the staff of Birmingham Conservatoire. He has released 10 CDs as a Leader and guested on many more. Toussaint is also invited to join tours with US musicians visiting Europe. In the last couple of years, he has played North Sea Festival (Den Haag), The New Morning (Paris), Montreux Festival (Switzerland), Clemont Ferrand Festival (France), Cork Festival (Ireland) as well as many clubs and theatres.

We are delighted that he has agreed to bring his new quartet with a young rhythm section to Wakefield and give us the benefit of his jazz pedigree.

Jean Toussaint - tenor sax
Jonathan Gee - piano
Mark Lewandowski - bass
Troy Miller - drums

Latest CD: Live in Paris and London (Space Time records) but new CD Tate Song (LYTE records) released 24 March.

Web: www.jeantoussaint.com


Jean Toussaint
Jean Toussaint

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Dennis Rollins Velocity Trio

(Friday 7 March)

Powerhouse trombone with high energy drums and organ.

From Birmingham to Doncaster to London by 1987, Dennis has been around and hot property for longer than might be imagined for a musician so young in spirit. His appeal to the young has been exploited via his funk band Badbone and many generous workshops for Northern Youth Ensembles. The Velocity Trio represents a return to a more creative approach to music with his jazz roots clearly the major influence. That does not mean any diminution of the engagement Dennis always makes with his audience or of the dynamic approach to music making which is his trade mark.

Prepare to be intrigued and entertained while you hang on to your hats.

Dennis Rollins - trombone and effects
Ross Stanley - Hammond organ
Pedro Segundo - drums

Latest CD: The 11th Gate

Web: www.dennisrollins.com


Dennis Rollins Velocity Trio by William Ellis Dennis Rollins Velocity Trio by William Ellis

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Benet McLean Band

(Friday 14 March)

Singer pianist with the sound of a new master.

London born pianist & vocalist Benet McLean has been involved in music since the age of 3. He began on violin, and while training to become a concert violinist he also became interested in other forms of music such as bebop and a young genre rising under the name of hip-hop. Teaching himself other instruments such as guitar, piano, electric bass, alto saxophone, as well as of course singing and composing, a musical 'melting-pot' began to 'cook'. His own band was formed in 2003.

His second CD "In the Land of Oo-Bla-Dee" was given a 4 star review ending: "...with his own trio, as on this album, he's simply sensational." He now tours his third album released in August, which is said to establish his credentials as one of this country's unique talents.

"Fast-rising young pianist Benet McLean has a piano technique that seems to bring Art Tatum's music into the 21st century, drawing on classical music, postbop, hip hop & beyond" - TheGuardian

Benet McLean - piano and voice
Duncan Eagles - sax
Max Luthert - bass
Mark Mondesir - drums

Latest CD: Live at the 606

Web: www.benetmclean.com

Web: www.myspace.com/benetmclean


Benet McLean Benet McLean

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Gareth Williams / Dave Green Short Story
- With support from Ozzy Moyse's Bijou Big Band (11 piece)

(Friday 21 March)

Reimagining the music of Bill Evans and Scott LaFaro.

This ambitious project sees the amazing Gareth Williams out front and playing the subtle and demanding compositions of one of jazz's greatest pianists. He named the project "Short Story" because there is all too little of that original pair's music on record. They recorded only 4 albums in the early 60s in trio with Paul Motian, two of them live. Gareth may also play a standard or two as Bill and Scott did.

Winner of the piano category in the 2013 British Jazz Awards Gareth's name is becoming separately recognised beyond his brilliant work with Claire Martin. Who better than the UK equivalent of Scott LaFaro, Dave Green, to spur on and inspire Gareth to the most musical of tributes? His understanding of the genre and ability to complement the most sophisticated playing are second to none.

"A joyous, uncompromising celebration of sophistication, musicality and muscularity." - Chris Ingham - Mojo

Gareth Williams - piano
Dave Green - bass

Latest CD: None in this format

Web: www.garethwilliams.biz

Bijou Big Band

A J Nash - alto sax
Luke Ledger - tenor sax
Ali Adair - baritone sax
Jack Davis - trumpet
Peter Johnson - trombone
Chris Dale - bass trombone
Joel Stedman - guitar
Ashley Henry - piano
Sam Quintana - bass
Matt McGraw - drums
Oscar Moysey - composer / percussion


Gareth Williams Gareth Williams

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Double bill - Jamil Sheriff Trio and Microscopic

(Friday 28 March)

A joint presentation with Jazz North.


Richard Iles is a Manchester based trumpeter who has been a figure on the Northern Jazz scene for 30 years. He is also a member of the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra. A highlight of the 2012 Manchester Jazz Festival was a set by this new band playing originals conceived for his larger Miniature Brass Emporium as well as pieces for this line-up. Mike Williams is an unsung hero of UK jazz saxophone. The band will play unamplified, balancing their output against the piano only - hence the absence of a drummer. Percy is as well known as a trumpeter as he is a bassist and equally interesting on both instruments.

Richard Iles - trumpet & flugel
Mike Williams - alto sax
Les Chisnall - piano
Percy Pursglove - bass

Jamil Sheriff Trio

Jamil leads the Jazz course at Leeds College of Music and has consistently played as often as possible with a wide variety of bands. His composing has steadily gone from strength to strength - viz. the commission for Wakefield Jazz to write for Big Band which was premiered at the Club in 2010. The work he presents with this trio is as musically inventive as anything he has done so far and is a suitable challenge for his partners in the trio. It is also eminently listenable music which will intrigue as much as it entertains.

Jamil Sheriff - piano
Pete Turner - bass
Dave Walsh - drums

Latest CD: Luminessence

Web: www.bennclatworthy.com


Richard ILes Richard ILes

Jamil Sheriff Trio
Jamil Sheriff Trio

Liane Carroll Trio

(Friday 4 April) - All Ticket Gig

With support from Rory Ingham Quintet at 7:30pm

Exceptional artist brought to Wakefield by a generous sponsor.

Liane's album, " Ballads" released last April, confirms her position at the top of the UK jazz tree as a vocalist of lasting talent and expressiveness. She is now a headline act wherever she appears around the world and has contributed hugely to the development of talent among younger musicians through her workshops, summer schools and masterclasses. It took around 10 years from her major breakthrough at Ronnie Scotts (though she had appeared at Wakefield before that) to her first award, but she has now collected so many that her shelves must be groaning.

A sell-out local launch of "Ballads" was held at St. Mary in the Castle, Hastings with a 40 strong orchestra, including the East Sussex Youth Orchestra string section and Mark Fletcher, Mark James, Mark Edwards, Simon Gardner… and conducted by James McMillan. This was followed by five sell-out launch nights at the Pizza Express Jazz Club in London. Each night featured musicians from the Ballads recording, Gwilym Simcock, Mark Edwards, Ben Castle plus a seven piece string ensemble.

"Beautifully sung and played with a voice that exudes passion and warmth. Without doubt the finest female jazz vocalist in the country... and an amazing person as well." - Joel Wata

Liane Carroll - voice and piano
Roger Carey - bass
Mark Fletcher - drums

Latest CD: Ballads (Quiet Money Recordings)

Web: www.lianecarroll.co.uk


Liane Carroll Liane Carroll

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