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April to June 2008 
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Ian Shaw with David Preston
Protect the Beat featuring Derek Nash
Georgia Mancio Band
Bootleg Eric Band
Paul Towndrow Sextet
New Jazz Couriers
Colin Steele Quintet
Garforth Jazz Rock Band
Ruby Wood band
Jason Rebello Quartet - a GMF event
QEGS / WGHS Swing Foundation (Big Band)

Ian Shaw with David Preston

(Friday 18th April 2008)

Ian has been the top male vocalist in this country for several years now and was BBC Awards best vocalist in 2004 and 2007. His CD of Joni Mitchell songs was his ninth under his own name, earned huge praise, and demonstrates the high production values that Linn can provide.

We are particularly lucky in that this performance comes one week after the launch of Ian’s next CD “Lifejacket” (also on Linn). It is his first to feature all original material co-written with his accompanist tonight, David Preston. Having a parallel life as a record producer himself you can be sure this will be another first class presentation. Hear it first at Wakefield.

Ian Shaw - piano and voice
David Preston - guitar

Latest CD: Drawn to All Things: The Songs of Joni Mitchell (Linn AKD 276)

Web: www.ianshaw.biz and www.myspace.com/ianshawmusic


Ian Shaw
Protect the Beat featuring Derek Nash

(Friday 25th April 2008)

Everyone who watches “Later” knows the extrovert, spiky-haired sax player who soloed with Lulu on the Hootenany special – it’s the great Derek Nash. As well as featuring with Jools, Derek is the creative force behind the band Sax Appeal and a feature of this powerful Jazz / Funk band. If you like Snake Davis then you’ll love the groovy beats this crew lay down. All the musicians are freelance veterans of the big sound touring bands such as Massive Attack, Steve Winwood, Ray Charles, Brand New Heavies and George Clinton. Here they combine forces and add the jazz touch to a sound full of soul.

Derek Nash - saxophones
Arden Hart - trumpet / keyboard
Dave Ital - guitar
Winston Blissett - bass
Darby Todd - drums

Latest CD: Intrepid (Beat ‘T’ 1268)

Web: www.protectthebeat.com and www.myspace.com/protectthebeat


Derek Nash

Georgia Mancio Band

(Friday 2nd May 2008)

Georgia is an Anglo-Italian with South American connections so it is no surprise that she sings effortlessly in four languages. What adds to that delight is the equally effortless musicality which overlies those lyrics whether in English, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish.

This tour celebrates her second CD, released on 17th March. Whilst taking in the 606, Ronnies, Pizza Express, Royal Albert Hall and the National Theatre, ours is her only gig North of Watford – take advantage while you may.
The 3 star review of her new CD in March’s Jazzwise describes her “ . . . . . . clarity and lightness of touch (in using her) capacious imagination and story-telling gift.”
A fine band also features the wonderful flute soloing of Gareth Lockrane.

Georgia Mancio - vocals
Gareth Lockrane - flutes
John Pearce - piano
Dave Green - bass
Dave Ohm - drums

Latest CD: Trapeze (Roomspin Records )

Web: www.MySpace.com/georgiamancio


Georgia Mancio
Bootleg Eric Band

(Friday 9th May 2008)

When Wakefield Jazz celebrated its 10th Anniversary in 1997 this band was specially commissioned to write a suite, perform it and record a CD for that birthday. The result was the renowned Bootleg Eric CD and a memorable night in the club. Alec wanted to relive that event and has asked them all back – they agreed readily and our pleasure is to be entertained once more by these totally established artists. As all are major bandleaders in their own right it is a coup still to be able to collect them all together and a tribute to the affection which Alec is shown by musicians.
This band will swing the roof off and a string of exciting solos can be expected from them all.

We’re 21 today! So let’s go all out to enjoy ourselves.

Guy Barker - trumpet
Alan Barnes - saxophones
Don Weller - saxophone
Brandon Allen - saxophone
Mark Nightingale - trombone
David Newton - piano
Andy Cleyndert - bass
Clark Tracey - drums

Latest CD: Newton/Tracey Band : Bootleg Eric - (ASC Records ASC CD23)

Web: No site - but google any of the musicians.


Bootleg Eric

Paul Towndrow Sextet

(Friday 16th May 2008)

Paul has visited Wakefield with both Brass Jaw (Sax Quartet) and his own quartet.
He is now well established as one of the most exciting players of his generation.
This is the band, and the album, that seals his future as a musical force who will be keenly sought by clubs and audiences across the jazz world.

We know Alyn Cosker and Mike Janisch well from Paul’s quartet and other bands with which they have visited. Konrad first came to us with Todd Gordon where he showed us his lyrical side – now get ready to hear him let rip. Only Tom is a Wakefield virgin but he fits this band well and will also raise the temperature when he plays.

Be prepared to whoop your way through the night – this band rocks.

“Towndrow pulls off the difficult trick of making bop sound contemporary and relevant - the Scots seem to have that knack, and Towndrow's got it in spades."
- Sholto Byrnes

Paul Towndrow - alto and soprano saxophones
Konrad Wiszniewski - tenor saxophone
Tom McNiven - trumpet
Steve Hamilton - piano
Michael Janisch - bass
Alyn Cosker - drums

Latest CD: Six by six (Keywork records)

Web: www.paultowndrow.com and www.myspace.com/paultowndrow


Paul Towndrow
New Jazz Couriers

(Friday 23rd May 2008)

The recent article in JazzUK (Feb / March ’08) reminds us just how great a musician Martin Drew is. He was the “Main Man” for both Ronnie Scott (20 years) and Oscar Peterson (30 years off and on) and has played with hundreds of the world’s greats. This band, paying homage to the Ronnie / Tubby original, has been a joint project of Martin and Mornington for 8 years now and they have recorded 3 CDs. But this is not a slavish recreation band – the fantastic musicians involved ( all favourites at Wakefield) are given their head to do their own thing within the post bop style and do they take advantage!

For a rattling good night out you can’t beat these guys for energy, commitment and invention.

If you’ve seen them before you’ll know; if you haven’t, then this is a great opportunity to feel the drum-driven vibe.

Mornington Lockett - tenor saxophone
Jim Hart - vibes
Steve Melling - piano
Paul Morgan - bass
Martin Drew - drums

Latest CD: Azul Serape (Trio Records)

Website: www.jazzcouriers.co.uk


New Jazz Couriers
Colin Steele Quintet
(Friday 30th May 2008) - Judith’s Bus Pass Gig!

Colin last played for us with the Cathie Rae band last November – he reminded us what a good player he is and that his own band should return for a gig. We are lucky that he has agreed to bring the quintet to Wakefield because he is concentrating mostly on the work of his 11 piece band “Stramash” – a genre-crossing unit which includes fiddlers, bagpipes and whistles. He hopes to entertain broadly and appeal to the jazz and folk sectors as well as the Scots wha’hae crowd.

Tonight, at Judith’s request, he brings a celtic feel to his jazz persona and has a selection of the stars of the Scottish jazz scene with him to emphasise that approach.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable gig on their last visit and is highly recommended.

Colin Steele - trumpet
Phil Bancroft - saxophone
Dave Milligan - piano
Calum Gourlay - bass
Stu Ritchie - drums

Latest CD : Through the Waves (ACT 890)

Web : www.myspace.com/colinsteele2 and www.colinsteele.com


Colin Steele
Special Summer Series 2008

This is an addition to our normal programme in which we feature local musicians, especially young ones, to fulfil our desire to nurture the up-and-coming talent of the region.

Garforth Jazz Rock Band

(Friday 6th June 2008)

A young big band led by Dave Evans who runs the Garforth Arts Festival and much besides. They were a hit last year when they first performed for us.

No Jazz - (Hockey Tournament)
(Friday 13th June 2008)

Ruby Wood Band 

(Friday 20th June 2008)

Ruby has sung for us at support gigs before but is now beginning a promising professional career.

“I always sit up in my chair when I hear someone who has an individual quality. I like the way it gives a new slant on a very old song. She is very much singing it in her own way.” - Humphrey Lyttelton

She brings with her :
Stuart MacDonald - saxophone
Piero Tucci - piano
Jenny Malloy - bass
Chris Sykes - drums

Debut CD: Ruby (Jellymould Jazz)


Jason Rebello Quartet - a GMF event

(Monday 23rd June 2008)

Workshop and concert by Jason Rebello Quartet.

Elizabeth Hall QEGS at 7:00 pm (follow-up to the successful event last year).
With Gilad Atzmon - saxes, Dave Whitford - bass, Stephen Keogh - drums


QEGS / WGHS Swing Foundation (Big Band)

(Friday 27th June 2008)

A very local bunch of musicians in a setup which has produced many talented musicians who went on to join Doncaster Big Band, National Youth Jazz Orchestra and form their own bands. Led by the very tall Peter Tamblyn.

Ruby Wood