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May to June 2007
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Guy Barker Big Band - Performing dZf
Julie Edwards & Kevin Dearden Band 
Jim Mullen Organ Trio with Stan Sulzman 
Alec Dankworth Quintet 
Ballantine / Shaw Band 
Rowland Sutherland’s Creative Force 
Special Summer Series and Other Events 

Guy Barker Big Band - Performing dZf Quote

(Friday 4th May 2007)

In May 2007 Wakefield Jazz will have been running for 20 years. See Anniversary page here.

The dZf suite's only performance was at the London Jazz Festival in November 2006 as a work in progress. The performance was broadcast on Radio 3. This outing will be one of the last before Guy records the eponymous CD.

This concert will feature, in the second half, a performance of the work commissioned by Radio 3 for last year’s London Jazz Festival - dZf (Die Zauberflote). A work in 9 parts, based on the story of Mozart’s “The Magic Flute”. Narration of the reinvented tale, set in a seedy New York of the 1940s, is authenticated by the Brooklyn-born actor
Michael Brandon. The words and reinvention are the work of author Robert Ryan. Robert plans to be at the gig to “tweak the libretto” right up to the last moment.

The beginning of the concert will consist of a selection of pieces from Guy’s Amadeus suite - pieces based on the personalities of various characters from Mozart Operas and written for his appearances at the Mainly Mozart Festival in San Diego, Baja California.

Part 1: Overture - The T dance
Part 2: A Guy, Three Chicks and a Big Snake
Part 3: Ghost Dance
Part 4: A Trick of the Night
Part 5: On Temple Street
Part 6: Many Splendid Things
Part 7: Power Trip
Part 8: The Last Waltz
Part 9: Coda - Everything Happens to Bobby

Trumpets - Guy Barker, Nathan Bray, Tom Reese Roberts, Byron Wallen
Trombones - Barnaby Dickinson, Alistaire White, Mark Frost (bass)
Reeds - Rosario Giuliani (alt), Grahame Blevins (ten,clt,flt), Per “Texas” Johannson (ten, contrabass clt, flt), Phil Todd (bari, tubax, flt)
Rhythm - Jim Watson (pno), Phil Donkin (bass), Ralph Salmins (drums)
Narrator - Michael Brandon
Libretto - Robert Ryan

Latest CD - to be recorded shortly after this performance.

Web - Global Mix at ESIP: www.esip.co.uk

Guy Barker

Michael Brandon

Julie Edwards & Kevin Dearden Band

(Friday 11th May 2007)

Julie and Kevin are old friends of Wakefield Jazz and have grown and developed through talent and sheer hard work over the last 5 years or so – they teamed up in 2000. This gig is number 8 of a set of 19 supported by Jazz Services this Spring / Summer and is a sign that they have come of age as a musical pairing. Their choice of material – familiar and yet musically interesting - and their obvious rapport creates a feeling with an audience that is infectious and helps the mood of well-being.

“Singer Julie Edwards and saxophonist Kevin Dearden are fast becoming one of the top attractions on the club circuit. Mostly familiar standards, yet treated with such care and attention that there's a real vitality. Kevin Dearden on flute enhances it , and the smoky mystery of 'Round Midnight' balances the exuberant swing of 'Well you Needn't.” - (Jazz UK)

Julie Edwards - vocals
Kevin Dearden - saxes / flute / guitar
Ed Barnwell - piano
Steve Berry - bass
Rob Turner - drums

Latest CD: Rhyme or Reason

Websites: www.julieedwards.com www.kevindearden.co.uk Top

Kevin Dearden and Julie Edwards

Jim Mullen Organ Trio with Stan Sulzman Gallery

(Friday 18th May 2007)

The ever popular guitarist, Jim Mullen, was last seen at Wakefield accompanying Claire Martin when his work on two duets with Claire was the best music of the evening. In his funky guise, with Mike Gorman’s Hammond, he will be rocking this time too. Stan Sulzmann is a guest on Jim’s latest record but we are lucky enough to have his talented input for the whole evening – look out for his contribution to Jim’s jazz take on the Scottish classic, the White Cockade. Matt Skelton’s impeccable drumming completes the sound.

Jim Mullen - guitar
Mike Gorman - organ
Stan Sulzmann - saxes
Matt Skelton - drums

Latest CD: Smokescreen (Diving Duck)

Websites: www.jimmullenjazz.co.uk www.stansulzmann.co.uk Top

Jim Mullen

Stan Sulzmann

Alec Dankworth Quintet Gallery

(Friday 25th May 2007)

This band is an expanded version of the trio Alec brought to Wakefield a couple of years ago. Bassist, Alec Dankworth, with his new quintet, plays jazz with a Spanish flavour. It features Europe’s leading musicians including one of Spain’s finest drummer / percussionists, Marc Miralta. Alec has arranged folk tunes from Spain, originals with a flamenco rhythm and compositions from Chick Corea, Dizzy Gillespie and Jack DeJohnette.

Alec Dankworth - Bass
Mark Lockheart - Saxes
Chris Garrick - Violin
Mike Walker - Guitars
Marc Miralta - Drums, Cajón, Palmas

Latest CD: Spanish Accents to be released on Basho records in May

Web: www.alecdankworth.com Top

Alan Dankworth

Alan Dankworth

Ballantine / Shaw Band Video Clip

(Friday 1st June 2007)

Ian Ballantine is from Nottingham and trained in Leeds before taking his multi-instrumental, compositional and teaching talents to London. He is an acknowledged virtuoso on his first instrument, the vibraphone. He also plays piano and flute.
The Ballantine/Shaw Band is a fusion of guitar and vibes sounds with rhythms from rock to Latin. This is a band that only plays original material. It includes co-leader Kenny Shaw on guitar who has worked with a vast number of famous names. Harvey Weston on bass and Trevor Tomkins on drums complete the line-up. These superb and highly experienced musicians have worked with far too many names to mention. As this band has been working together for so many years it can be said that the sum is now greater than the parts.

Ian Ballantine - vibraphone / flute
Kenny Shaw - guitar
Roy Babbington - bass
Trevor Tomkins - drums

Latest CD: Urnioc Too CAT records (CAT006CD)

Web: www.ianballantine.co.uk Top

Ballantine / Shaw Band

Ian Ballantine

Rowland Sutherland’s Creative Force Video Clip

(Friday 8th June 2007)

Rowland and Orphy are both graduates of the heyday of the Jazz Warriors but have gone on to be band leaders in their own right. After stints with Courtney Pine and Andy Sheppard, Orphy founded the Band Annavas which had international success and won awards for Orphy – he was one of the few players to include marimba in his range of instruments. Rowland has studied at the Guildhall, taught at Trinity College and played as principal flute in several classical orchestras in addition to his work in Jazz.. He runs two bands – Mistura plays Brazilian / Afro-Cuban flavoured music and this band Creative Force leans towards Reggae / Jazz funk with some Latin-American influence. Contemporary music with a groove.

Rowland Sutherland - flutes
Orphy Robinson - vibraphone
Harry Brown - trombone
Roger Goula - guitar
Neville Malcolm - bass
Kenrick Rowe / Daniel Crosby - drums

Latest CD: Coast to Coast (with Mistura) FMR CD101 J0702

Web: www.rowlandsutherland.com Top

The Band

Rowland Sutherland

Special Summer Series and Other Events

Following our 3 extra concerts last year we are repeating the opportunity to experience live jazz further into the summer than usual for Wakefield.

Two extra events sponsored by Wakefield Jazz are intermingled with three further young bands.

Saturday 9th June

Laura Fowles Band
(Singer / sax player) at
Wakefield Mela in Clarence Park from 2:40pm (FREE)

Jami Sheriff, Pat McCarthy, Zoltan Dekany, Caroline Boaden

Friday 22nd June
Richard Lister's SKP
From Durham University. At the Club.

Thursday 28th June
Garforth Festival Event

Sean Hargreaves (piano) trio with Garforth Youth Jazz Rock Band -
Andy Hamill Tristan Maillot. At the Club.

Friday 29th June
Pete Horsfall / Ben Mallinder Quintet

At the Club.

Friday 6th July
Swing Foundation: Big Band from Wakefield Grammar School Foundation

At the Club.