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Archive 01 170716-091216

SK2 Jazz Orchestra
Tom Sharp Jazz Orchestra
Jeff Williams Quartet
Brass Jaw
Impossible Gentlemen
John Etheridge and Christian Garrick
The Lilli Unwin Band
Nigel Price Organ Quartet
Josh Kemp Organ Quartet
Tony Kofi’s Homage to Ornette Coleman
Claire Martin and Ray Gelato with the David Newton Trio – “A Swingin’ Affair”

Archive 02 130117-020617

Remi Harris Trio
Trish Clowes’ My Iris
Jam Experiment
Derek Nash Acoustic Quartet
Seamus Blake Band
Dennis Rollins Organ Quartet
Tom Rivière’s Family Band
Pat McCarthy Quartet featuring Shannon Reilly
Angus Bayley’s Scrapbook Septet
Talinka Quartet
Zoe Rahman Solo
Pete Oxley / Nicolas Meier Quartet
Firebird Quartet
Jay Phelps Quartet
Jonathan Gee Quartet featuring Tim Whitehead
Dominic Galea Quintet
Denys Baptiste Quartet – The Late Trane

Archive 03 061017-090218

Gilad Atzmon’s Orient House Ensemble plays Coltrane Ballads
Alan Barnes Octet + 1 – “A Fish Tale”
New Focus Quartet
Christine Tobin Trio
Jamie Brownfield Quartet
Dave O’Higgins Quartet
Arun Ghosh Band
Phil Meadows Project
Jasper Høiby’s Fellow Creatures
Kate Williams Quartet
Nikki Iles, Tina May and friends
Gary Potter and the Matt Holborn Trio
Ronnie Bottomley’s All-Star Jazz Orchestra
Zoe Gilby Quartet
Andrew McCormack’s Graviton
Chris Ingham Quartet ~ The Jazz of Dudley Moore

Archive 04 160218-150618

Roger Beaujolais Quartet
Triptych – The Paul Edis Trio
Alyn Cosker Quartet
Kristian Borring Quartet
Bootleg Eric Band
Perpetual Motion Machine
Birkett & Fisk play Venuti & Lang
Sam Leak’s “Adrift”
John Crawford’s Latin Quintet
Kate Williams’ 4 plus 3 with Georgia Mancio
Loz Speyer’s Inner Space
Dan Whieldon ‘Positive Changes’ Quartet

Archive 05 051018-150219

Brigitte Beraha “BabelFish”
Nic Meier Group “Infinity”
Paul Edis’s Ushaw Ensemble
Nova Trio
Emma Johnson’s Gravy Boat
Greg Abate with the Pete Rosser Trio
Phil Robson’s Quartet feat. Jed Levy
Nigel Price Organ Quartet
Alina Bzhezhinska’s London Quartet

Archive 06 220219-140619

Snake Davis Trio
Tommy Smith and Brian Kellock
Pete Oxley-Nicolas Meier Quartet
Huw Warren Trio plus Iain Ballamy
Steve Fishwick / Alex Garnett Quartet
Flying Machines
Artpipes EV present “North By North West”: Tria Lingvo and Mike Walker
The Tony Woods Project
Bonsai (Jam Experiment)
Wakefield Big Band + local jazz showcase
Henry Lowther Still Waters Quintet
Chris Ingham Quartet (Getz: a Musical Portrait)
Ronnie Bottomley’s All-Star Jazz Orchestra

Archive 07 041019-070220

Jim Rattigan’s Pavillon
Alexander Hawkins and Laura Cole
A Tribute to Duncan Lamont: with Duncan Lamont Jnr, featuring Esther Bennett and Beverley Beirne
A Requiem: The Alan Barnes Octet + poet Josie Moon
Alison Rayner Quintet
Calum Gourlay Quartet
Greg Abate (with Pete Rosser Trio)
Dale Storr – The Sounds of New Orleans
Xmas Blues Party with Stevie Williams and the Most Wanted Band
Alina Bzhezhinska presents “Alina Hip Harp”
Nicola Farnon Trio


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