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September to December 2006 (1)

David Newton Trio
Snake Davis’ "Burden of Paradise"
Andy Panayi / Mark Nightingale - Little Big Band
Ian Shaw Solo
John Helliwell’s "Crème Anglaise"
Liam Noble Quartet / Julian Arguelles Trio
Plater / Barnes “The Seven Ages of Jazz”
Geoff Eales Trio
Peter King Quintet - Salute to Elvin 
Polly Gibbons Quintet
Tim Whitehead Giovanni Mirabassi Quartet
Roseanna Vitro
Ian Shaw with Guy Barker 

January to February 2007 (2)

Kate Williams Quartet
Claire Martin Reunion Band
Big Band Byrne
Pat Crumley Quartet
John Etheridge’s Trio North with Theo Travis 
Bheki Mseleku Quartet / John Donaldson Trio Double Bill
Allison Neale Quartet
Benn Clatworthy Quartet with Anita Wardell


March to April 2007 (3)

Marlene VerPlanck with the Roy Babbington Trio
Tom Cawley’s Curios
John Colianni Quintet 
Geoff Gascoyne Quintet 
Northern Jazz Orchestra
Dylan Howe Quintet
Esther Miller Sextet
Nicolas Meier Quartet

May to June 2007 (4)

Guy Barker Big Band - Performing dZf
Julie Edwards & Kevin Dearden Band 
Jim Mullen Organ Trio with Stan Sulzman 
Alec Dankworth Quintet 
Ballantine / Shaw Band 
Rowland Sutherland’s Creative Force 
Special Summer Series and Other Events 


September to October 2007 (5)

Quentin Collins Quintet
Todd Gordon Band
Pete Oxley’s Curious Paradise
Richie Barshay’s Round Table
Gilad Atzmon Quartet
John Horler Quartet
Byron Wallen trio with special guest Julian Siegel


November 2007 to January 2008 (6)

Kirk Lightsey Trio
Jamil Sheriff Octet
Killer Shrimp
Cathie Rae Quintet
Nikki Iles Quintet with Norma Winstone
Clark Tracey Quintet - the farewell tour
Alan Barnes 'Liquorice Stick Allsorts' with Liz Fletcher
Snake Davis Quartet
Renato D’Aiello's 'Sintetico' Quintet
Frank Griffith Nonet

February to April 2008  (7)

Simon Spillett Quartet
Arnie Somogyi’s AMBULANCE feat. Eddie Henderson
Dave Barry Quintet
Sara Littlefield Band and Ev Marcus Quartet
Kaz Simmons Band
Elaine Delmar Band
Tim Kliphuis trio
Trudy Kerr Quartet
Harry Beckett Band Feat. Chris Biscoe

April to June 2008 (8)

Ian Shaw with David Preston
Protect the Beat featuring Derek Nash
Georgia Mancio Band
Bootleg Eric Band
Paul Towndrow Sextet
New Jazz Couriers
Colin Steele Quintet

Garforth Jazz Rock Band
Ruby Wood Band
Jason Rebello Quartet - a GMF event
QEGS / WGHS Swing Foundation (Big Band)
September to October 2008 (9)

Lianne Carroll Trio
Howard Britz / Jonathan Gee New York / London
Tim Whitehead’s Quartet
David Newton Trio
Benn Clatworthy Quartet
Peter King Quartet
John Etheridge / Christian Garrick Alan Barnes Octet (Founders Day presentation)

October 2008 to January 2009 (10)

Paul Booth Quintet
Zoe Rahman Sextet
Roger Beaujolais Quintet
Family-friendly Jazz Brunch
Greg Abate and the John Donaldson Trio
New Clark Tracey Sextet
Jim Mullen Organ Trio with Zoe Gilby
National Youth Jazz Orchestra
Anita Wardell Band
If Destroyed Still True
Tim Garland’s Lighthouse Trio
Matt Wates Sextet
February 2009 to March 2009 (11)

Barker and Shaw at the Movies II
Liam Noble's Brubeck Trio
Phil Robson’s Six Strings and the Beat
Iain Ballamy’s Anorak
Alcyona Mick Double Bill
Ryan Quigley Sextet
University of Strathclyde Big Band – with Mike Walker
Joel Frahm with the Mike Janisch Quintet
Lee Gibson Quartet


April 2009 to July 2009 (12)

John Law Art of Sound Trio
(With support from Tom McCredie Quartet)
Christine Tobin Band featuring Phil Robson
Deirdre Cartwright double bill – Duo Remembering Emily and Quartet featuring Sarah P
Empirical (v. 2.1)
(With support from the Lee Jones Trio)

Carlos Lopez-Real - Mandorla
(With support from the Friday Lunchtime Project)
Dave Newton All Star Sextet
Loz Speyer’s Time Zone
Steve Melling Septet

Special Summer Series 2009

Nicki Allan Jazz Sextet
Adrian Knowles Mingus Music Quintet
Leeds Youth Jazz Rock Orchestra (LYJRO)

September 2009 to October 2009 (13)

Stan Tracey Quartet featuring Simon Allen
Michael Janisch US/UK Quintet featuring star drummer from the US Clarence Penn
Gilad Atzmon with strings (Founders Day presentation)
Mike Walker Sextet - Mike’s Madhouse
Chris McNulty / Paul Bollenbach band + support from Ben Mallinder band
Andy Panayi / Mark Nightingale Quartet
Allon Beauvoisin’s Brass Jaw, A Capella Horns
Pete Oxley Quartet with Daryl Jahnke

October 2009 to February 2010 (14)

Paul Jayasinha's Shanti Jazz World
Tony Kofi Quartet
Geoff Eales New Trio
Todd Gordon - The Genius of Johnny Mercer
Mark Moraghan 'Moonlighting' trio
John Etheridge Trio North with Dave O’Higgins
Stephen Keogh Quartet
Barnes / Adams Quintet with Sara Colman
Brand X All Star Band
Jason Yarde with Andrew McCormack
Gareth Williams Power Trio
Sam Crockatt’s Quartet with Kit Downes
Simon Spillett Quartet and Art Themen
February 2010 to April 2010 (15)

Kate Williams Quartet with Stan Sulzmann
Don Weller Quartet
Paul Towndrow·s Newology with support from the John MacNaughton Quartet
Louise Parker band with Alex Garnett
Dave O'Higgins band with Eric Alexander
Liz Fletcher Band
Tom Cawley Trio - Curios with support from the Andrew Woodhead trio
Centre-Line with Darren Altman and Russell van den Berg

April to July 2010 (16)

Janette Mason Trio
Jamil Sheriff Big Band (Première Performance)
Georgia Mancio Quintet
Jez Franks' Compassionate Dictatorship
If Destroyed Still True (IDST)
Geoff Gascoyne's Pop Bop Band with Trudy Kerr

Leeds Youth Jazz Rock Orchestra
Five Pieces of Silver with Louise Gibbs

Phil Meadows Quartet

October to December 2010 (17)

Brand X All Star Band
Tommy Evans' "Green Seagull"
Jim Hart's Gemini
Jason Yarde with Andrew McCormack (duo) and Trio WAH!
Gilad Atzmon's Orient House Ensemble
Killer Shrimp (Damon Brown / Ed Jones)
Karen Sharp Quartet featuring Nikki Iles
Snake Davis Band
Esther Miller with the Steve Melling Trio
Joe Stilgoe Trio
Terry Seabrook's Milestones

December 2010 to March 2011 (18)

Esther Miller with the Steve Melling Trio
Joe Stilgoe Trio
Terry Seabrook's Milestones
Zoë Gilby Quintet
Chris Biscoe Quartet
Dylan Howe Quartet
Peter King Quartet
Panayi / Nightingale Quartet with David Newton
Asaf Sirkis Trio
Jay Phelps Quintet + special guest
Marlene VerPlanck Band
Quentin Collins / Brandon Allen Quartet
Gareth Lockrane's Grooveyard
April to July 2011 (19)

Tim Whitehead's "Personal Standards" Band
Jazz Yorkshire Futures 2 Double Bill - Matt Anderson Quartet and Aron Kyne's Yoruba
Magic Hat Ensemble
Sarah Ellen Hughes Band with Dave O'Higgins
Reuben Fowler Septet / Emma Smith Quartet Double Bill
Gemma Sykes Charity Gig
Tommaso Starace Quartet
Lea DeLaria Band
Matt Roberts 'Miles' sextet
Ripon Grammar School Big Band
Nick Svarc Trio

September to December 2011 (20)

Sam Gardner / Stuart McCallum trio
Stevie Williams and the Most Wanted Band
Matt Ball Quintet
Rod Mason's Elements
Tommy Smith's Karma
Juliet Kelly Band - Celebrating the Divas of Jazz
James Hamilton Jazz Orchestra
Robert Castelli's Boom Quartet
Brass Jaw
Julian Siegel Quartet
Denys Baptiste Quartet
John Taylor Trio
Joe Stilgoe Trio with special guest
December 2011 - March 2012 (21)

John Taylor Trio
Joe Stilgoe Trio with special guest
Julian Joseph Trio
Dylan Howe Quintet
Zoe Rahman Quartet
Renato D'Aiello Quartet with Rachel Gould
Adam Glasser Band
Jim Mullen Reunion Band
Frank Harrison Trio
Arnie Somogyi's Ambulance
Steve Melling / Clark Tracey Special Septet

March to June 2012 (22)

Damon Brown International Band "UGETSU" featurin Yutaka Shiina
A bit of a mouthful - an evening with Ian Shaw
Geoff Eales and Isorhythm
Sarah Gillespie band featuring Gilad Atzmon
Tournesol Trio
Gilad Atzmon's Orient House Ensemble with the Sigamos Quartet
Cecilia Stalin band with Tony Kofi
Whitehead / Gee Quartet
Aubin Vanns Trio
Kim Macari Sextet
Tom Thorp's Mercury Quartet
June to November 2012 (23)

Whitehead / Gee Quartet (support: Lorraine Cowburn and Gary Boyle)
Aubin Vanns Trio
Kim Macari Sextet
Tom Thorp's Mercury Quartet
The Sam Gardner Quartet
Yoruba with support from the Andrew Linham Quartet
The Kate Peters Septet
Katie Patterson's Allsorts
Alan Barnes Art Trip
Nigel Price Organ Trio

Ben Crosland's Brass Group
The John Law Trio
Tina May Band
Tim Lapthorn Trio
Enrico Pieranunzi Trio
Nicolas Meier Quintet


November 2012 to March 2013 (24)

"Django Bates Belovèd" A piano trio celebration of the music of Charlie Parker
Simon Spillett Quartet
Nicola Emmanuelle and the Dirty Martinis
Zoe Gilby Quartet
Iain Ballamy and Stian Carstensen - The Little Radio
Mike Janisch and Walter Smith III Project
Mike Walker / Iain Dixon Quintet
Tommaso Starace Quintet featuring Damon Brown
Jonathan Gee's New York Trio
Christian Brewer and Andrea Pozzai


March to June 2013 (25)

Paul Booth Organ Trio
Liz Fletcher Quintet
Tim Thornton Quartet
Brandon Allen / Quentin Collins Quartet
Tony Woods Lyric Ensemble with Nikki Iles
Al Wood Nine
John Etheridge & Christian Garrick - Sweet Chorus
Alex Hutton Trio - Legentis
Trudy Kerr
Gilad Atzmon's Orient House Ensemble
The Weave


September to December 2013 (26)

Steve Hanley Quartet
Jenny Smith Sextet
Liam Noble's Brother Face
Dave Newton Trio
Robert Castelli's Boom Quartet
Julian Arguelles Quartet
A C V (Joint promotion with Jazz North)
Andrea Vicari's Jazz Extemporé Quartet
Claire Martin with the Nikki Iles Trio
Laura Jurd's Landing Ground with the Ligeti string Quartet
Benn Clatworthy Quartet
Alex Garnett's Bunch of Fives
Matt Robinson Quintet & Dave Hamblett Sextet Double Bill
Allison Neale Quintet
Alan Barnes' Santas Sextet


January to April 2014 (27)

Matt Anderson's Wildflower Sextet
Sarah Gillespie Band
Ant Law Quintet
Peter King Quartet
The Damon Brown / Martin Zenker Group featuring Michael Lutzeier
Josh Kemp's Jazz Prophets
Jean Toussaint Quartet
Dennis Rollins Velocity Trio
Benet McLean Band
Gareth Williams / Dave Green Short Story
Double bill - Jamil Sheriff Trio and Microscopic
Liane Carroll Trio


March to June 2014 (28)

Benet McLean Band
Gareth Williams / Dave Green Short Story
Double bill - Jamil Sheriff Trio and Microscopic
Liane Carroll Trio
Frank Harrison Trio
Tommy Smith and Brian Kellock
Roger Beaujolais Quartett
Newest Clark Tracey Quintet
Gabrielle Ducomble's Notes from Paris
Ronnie Bottomley All-Star Jazz Orchestra

Summertime Blues Specials
Still Jumping
Groove Indigo


September to November 2014 (29)

John Colianni Quartet
John Ellis Trio
Phil Robson Organ Trio
Christine Tobin's "Sailing to Byzantium"
Nigel Price Trio with Alex Garnett
Andrew McCormack Trio
Jesse Bannister's "Play Out" featuring Zoe Rahman
Simon Read Octet
Claire Martin with the Montpellier Cello Quartet
Tim Garland's Lighthouse Project
Tommaso Starace's "Italian Short Stories"
New York Brass Band - A joint presentation with Jazz North


November to March 2015 (30)

Alec Dankworth's "World Spirit"
Paul Booth's "Patchworks"
Steve Melling Trio with Dick Pearce and Esther Miller
Zoe Gilby Quartet
Alex Garnett's Bunch of Fives with Tim Armacost
Laura Jurd's Human Spirit
Alan Barnes Quartet with Liz Fletcher
David Newton's "Big Screen" trio
A R Q - the Alison Rayner Quintet
The de Jong Cleynderts
The Mike Walker / Stuart McCallum guitar duo


March to June 2015 (31)

Phil Donkin Quartet
Duncan Lamont Songbook "The Other Side of the Rainbow"
Gilad Atzmon's Orient House Ensemble
Wakefield Youth Jazz Orchestra (W Y J O)
Gascoyne / O'Higgins Quartet
Liane Carroll with Julian Nicholas and Jam Experiment
Perico Sambeat / Arnie Somogyi Quartet
Simon Spillett Quartet
Nikki Iles 50th Birthday tour - the Printmakers
Snake Davis' New Band


October to December 2015 (32)

Bugalu Foundation
Andy Panayi's Tenor Madness
Benn Clatworthy Quartet
Ivo Neame Quintet
Tom Cawley's Curios
Ronnie Bottomley's All-Star Jazz Orchestra
Matt Holborn Quartet + Special guest appearance of improvising tap dancer, Adele
John Bailey Quintet
Alan Barnes Octet - A Jazz Christmas Carol


January to September 2016 (33)

Manhattan Sound Big Band
Iain Dixon / Les Chisnall Duo
Graeme Wilson Quartet
Simon Spillett Quartet
John Etheridge & Vimala Rowe Duo
Geoff Eales Quartet featuring Noel Langley
Lee Gibson with the Chris Holmes Trio and John Hallam
Gareth Williams Trio
John Law's New Congregation (1000th Gig)
Noemi Nuti band featuring Quentin Collins - with support from Joshua Smout's British Band
Clark Tracey Quintet
Josh Kemp Band with Liz Fletcher
The Lindsay Hannon Plus
The Weave
Ian Shaw
Ingrid Jensen
SK2 Jazz Orchestra
Tom Sharp Jazz Orchestra


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