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Ballantine / Shaw Band Gig
Ian Ballantine is from Nottingham and trained in Leeds before taking his multi-instrumental, compositional and teaching talents to London. He is an acknowledged virtuoso on his first instrument, the vibraphone. He also plays piano and flute.
Rowland Sutherland’s Creative Force Gig
Rowland and Orphy are both graduates of the heyday of the Jazz Warriors but have gone on to be band leaders in their own right.

After stints with Courtney Pine and Andy Sheppard, Orphy founded the Band Annavas which had international success and won awards for Orphy – he was one of the few players to include marimba in his range of instruments.

Rowland runs two bands – Mistura plays Brazilian / Afro-Cuban flavoured music and this band Creative Force leans towards Reggae / Jazz funk with some Latin-American influence.