Wakefield Jazz - Photo Vault Wakefield Jazz has a collection of photographs that you can access from the vault
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Over the past few years, Michael Porter has photographed the many bands playing at Wakefield Jazz. Since the renewal of this website, recent photographs have been placed within the site. However, due to the quantity of images produced prior to the new website being created, past photographs are only accessible through the links on this page.

Clicking on a link will take you to the contents of a folder. Simply click on the items to display them.
Note: Click on files ending JPG or BMP and maximise the new browser window to see photographs full size.
Archive drawers image
  Alan Barnes
Anita Wardell
Annie Whitehead
Avisha Cohen
Ben Castle
Ben Clatworthy
Billy Jenkins
Bobby Wellins
Brandon Allen
Chris Higginbottom
Chris McNulty
Christian Brewer
Claire Martin
Clare Teal
Clark Tracey
Damon Brown
Dave O'Higgins
Don Weller
Elaine Delmar
Gary Husband
Geoff Eales
Geoff Gascoyne
Gilad Atzmon
Guy Barker
Gwillam Silcock
Gwyneth Herbert
Harrison Smith
Henry Lowther
Ian Bellamy and Stian Carstensen
Jamie Cullum
Jimmy Mullen
John Colianni
John Etheridge
Joyce D'Camillo
Julie Edwards and Kevin Dearden
Junior Mance
Ken Peplowski
Kenny Drew Junior
Kirk Lightsey
Laura McDonald
Lee Gibson
Liane Carroll
Liz Fletcher
Louise Gibbs
Loz Speyer
Mark Lockheart
Martin Speake
Michael Garrick
Mick Hutton
New Jazz Couriers
Nikki Iles
Paul Jones and Dave Kelly
Peter Oxley
Protect the Beat
Renato D'Aillo
Roger Beaujolais
Sax Appeal
Scottish Guitar Quartet
Simon Purcell
Sister Slade
Snake Davis
Stacey Kent
Stan Tracey
Steve Melling
The Patisans
Tina May
Tommy Smith
Toni Kofi
Trudy Kerr
Zoe Rahman