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September to October 2009
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Stan Tracey Quartet featuring Simon Allen
Michael Janisch US/UK Quintet featuring star drummer from the US Clarence Penn
Gilad Atzmon with strings (Founders Day presentation)
Mike Walker Sextet - Mike’s Madhouse

Chris McNulty / Paul Bollenbach band + support from Ben Mallinder band
Andy Panayi / Mark Nightingale Quartet
Allon Beauvoisin’s Brass Jaw, A Capella Horns
Pete Oxley Quartet with Daryl Jahnke
Stan Tracey Quartet featuring Simon Allen   
(Friday 4th September 2009)

Could we do better than to open our new season with the “Godfather of British Jazz”?

Stan has always enjoyed playing with the younger generation of musicians, especially if they have a massive talent and plenty of audience appeal. Here’s another example of just such a collaboration. Those who heard Simon Allen with the Steve Melling septet will remember the occasions when he was able to steal the show from under the feet of a band of masters. We shall expect fireworks from him once more, riding with the long-standing trio of Stan with Andy and Clark whose integration is beyond complete.

The performance will include the four movement ‘Grandad Suite’ - pieces dedicated to Stan’s grandchildren - including “Zac’s Dream”.

Stan Tracey - piano
Simon Allen - saxes
Andrew Cleyndert - bass
Clark Tracey - drums

Latest CD: Senior Moment (to be released later this year)

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Stan Tracey
Stan Tracey
Michael Janisch US/UK Quintet featuring star drummer from the US Clarence Penn  
  (Friday 11th September 2009)

This will be an introduction to the first CD under Mike’s own name, “Purpose Built”, recorded in New York and due to be launched on 22nd September.

Mike has established excellent relations with musicians of his generation in London and New York and so has a selection of the best on the album. This touring band has two first call musicians from the US - Jason and Clarence - matched with our own Paul and Jim. Mike’s drive, sense of humour and enormous musicianship appeal to all audiences and so we shall be treated to a range of modern music played by a group of hand-picked maestros.

Paul Booth - tenor sax
Jason Palmer - trumpet
Jim Hart - vibes
Mike Janisch - bass
Clarence Penn - drums (more info)

Latest CD: Purpose Built (on Mike’s own Label)

Web: www.MySpace.com/michaeljanisch

and www.michaeljanisch.com
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Mike Janisch
Mike Janisch
Gilad Atzmon with strings (Founders Day presentation)  
(Friday 18th September 2009 )

This very special concert sees Gilad returning to his roots and paying tribute to the iconic album Charlie Parker made with strings in 1950. Many of the numbers on that album will be recalled just as lyrically but with the Gilad twist. There will also be a few Gilad originals such as the title track of Gilad’s album “In loving Memory of America” – with typical irony he suggests that an America he could love is now long-gone and wistfully regrets its passing.

The long-standing quartet will provide densely energetic and emotion-laden music while Gilad will veer between classic Parkeresque virtuosity and beautiful musicality. Everything will float over a bed of wonderfully arranged strings provided by the Sigamos String Quartet.

Gilad Atzmon - saxes and clarinet
Frank Harrison - piano
Yaron Stavi - bass
Eddie Hick - drums

The Sigamos String Quartet
Ros Stephen - violin
Emil Chakalov - violin
Rachel Robson - viola
Laura Moody - cello

Latest CD: In Loving Memory of America (Enja ENJ-888 850 2)

Web: www.MySpace.com/giladatzmon

and www.gilad.co.uk
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Gilad Atzmon
Gilad Atzmon
Mike Walker Sextet - Mike’s Madhouse
(Friday 25th September 2009)

Born and bred a Lancastrian from Salford Mike still lives in Rossendale and commutes around the world from there. As does his great friend Iain Dixon whom Mike brings back to jazz for us tonight.

Mike has been working at the top of the game for 20 years now and has been selected as featured soloist by bandleaders here and in the States, most notably the George Russell Orchestra and Mike Gibbs.

In this country he has never lost contact with his old friends Nikki Iles and Ian Dixon and appears regularly with them. Only last year did he finally release a CD under his own name. However, he has moved on again, and this band will realise new concepts Mike has for his music. Expect the unexpected: even though the strings and female voices from the album will be absent (or will they?) we shall be given glimpses of the many facets of a master guitarist. (He may even play acoustic!).

"Mike Walker is one of the most powerful jazz guitarists in Europe, but a surreal intelligence, extra-musical talents and a teaching career have kept him from the stardom his skills could have brought him." - John Fordham (Guardian)

Mike Walker - guitar
Iain Dixon - saxes
Malcolm Edmondson - keybd / synth
Les Chisnall - piano
Steve Watts - bass
Pat Illingworth - drums / percussion

Latest CD: Madhouse and the whole thing there (Hidden Idiom)

Web: www.mike-walker.co.uk

and www.myspace.com/mikejswalker
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Mike Walker
Mike Walker
Chris McNulty / Paul Bollenbach band + support from
Ben Mallinder band
(Friday 2nd October 2009)

Chris McNulty is an Australian singer based in the USA since 1988 with a world-wide reputation. She has graced Wakefield with her passionate and sensuous singing before but not in this exceptional context. Her partner, Paul Bollenbach, is a guitarist who is an essential sideman in the bands of Joe Locke and Joey DeFrancesco. A formidable partnership.

Add a UK rhythm section to die for – and yes, that is vibist Jim Hart on his alternative instrument – and we can be certain of an entertaining night of high quality music.

Chris sings a mixture of modern standards and her own compositions, which are described as “optimistically spiritual and often touching originals”. Whispers the Heart is her fifth CD released in the USA.

“Whispers The Heart is Chris McNulty's most rewarding recording thus far, filled with subtle surprises, variety and her inventive jazz singing.” - Scott Yanow

Chris McNulty - voice
Paul Bollenbach - guitar
Robin Aspland - piano
Phil Donkin - bass
Jim Hart - drums

Latest CD: Whispers the Heart (Elephant Dreams)

Web: www.chrismcnulty.com

and www.myspace.com/chrismcnultyjazzdiva
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Chris McNulty
Chris McNulty
Andy Panayi / Mark Nightingale Quartet
(Friday 9th October 2009 )

This band began as a Gerry Mulligan tribute but has developed a life of its own and branched out into other spheres. This is especially true of their latest CD based (almost) entirely on original material about the solar system – each planet has a piece named after it.

Andy has established a reputation for great playing ,especially on flute, equal to that of his great friend Mark, whose expertise is a benchmark against which to measure all other UK trombonists. Whether they are playing standards or their own compositions you can be sure that their aim is to give an audience a good time and to put their music at the service of melodic jazz.

“The music here is spirited, melodic and swinging. The fact that it is also fearsomely accomplished should prove no bar to enjoyment" - Dave Gelly (Observer)

Andy Panayi - saxes and flute
Mark Nightingale - trombone
Simon Woolf - bass
Steve Brown - drums

Latest CD: The Solar Cats (Woodville)

Web: www.andypanayi.co.uk

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Andy Panayi / Mark Nightingale Quartet
Andy Panayi / Mark Nightingale Quartet
Allon Beauvoisin’s Brass Jaw, A Capella Horns 
(Friday 16th October 2009)

Remember when Brass Jaw, the saxophone quartet, entertained us with their modern take on chamber jazz? Well they’ve stretched the concept further now and replaced one saxophone with the amazing trumpet of Ryan Quigley. That makes an a capella horn section (brass instruments without a rhythm section) containing three band-leaders led by Allon Beauvoisin, the indefatigable ground bass of the group. Ryan is riding high now as his sextet was voted ensemble of the year in the Parliamentary Jazz Awards – Wakefield was one of the first English clubs to host them. Paul Towndrow’s groups go from strength to strength and Konrad has begun to lead his own formations as well as playing with Todd Gordon.

The band was honoured by being selected to represent the UK at the Jazz Ahead Exhibition in Bremen, Germany and to open the Glasgow Jazz Festival this year. Their well-rehearsed, tight discipline permits them to fly free and improvise individually or collectively while still maintaining contact with each other.

“Brass Jaw bristles with the excitement of a completely original set including the odd quirky arrangement of well loved jazz standards, all written and arranged by this stellar line up of Scottish jazz musicians” - Jack Massarik (Evening Standard)

Ryan Quigley - trumpet
Paul Towndrow - alto sax
Konrad Wisniewski - tenor sax
Allon Beauvoisin - baritone sax

Latest CD: Burn (own label)

Web: www.brassjaw.co.uk

and www.myspace.com
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Brass Jaw by Calum Morrel
Brass Jaw by Calum Morrel
Pete Oxley Quartet with Daryl Jahnke
(Friday 23rd October 2009)

Here’s another unusual group based around two guitars. Pete Oxley takes time out from running The Spin (Oxford – also nominated in Parliamentary Awards as best venue) to tour with his great friend Canadian Daryl Jahnke. A regular feature at Vancouver Jazz Festival since 1986, Daryl has toured in Cuba, the US and Tokyo. Pete met and played with Daryl in Canada several years ago and finally brought him to the UK last year. This was so successful that they wanted to do more and arranged to tour this year; they follow our gig with appearances at Ronnie Scott’s. Daryl is a Metheny / Scofield style player acknowledged as one of the finest contemporary guitarists in the Americas.

With Oli and Russ to help the thing swing an intriguing and exciting night is in prospect.

“ . . .a distinctly English take on the sprawling world/Americana style patented by the Pat Metheny Group, but with a refreshing fleet-fingered folk intricacy and melodic, pastoral elegance that is very much their own. ” - Time Out

Daryl Jahnke - guitars
Pete Oxley - guitars
Oli Hayhurst - bass
Russ Morgan - drums

Latest CD: none together

Web: www.peteoxley.com

and www.daryljahnke.com
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Pete Oxley
Pete Oxley

Daryl Jahnke
Daryl Jahnke