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January 2009 to March 2009
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Barker and Shaw at the Movies II
Liam Noble's Brubeck Trio
Phil Robson’s Six Strings and the Beat
Iain Ballamy’s Anorak
Alcyona Mick Double Bill
Ryan Quigley Sextet
University of Strathclyde Big Band – with Mike Walker
Joel Frahm with the Mike Janisch Quintet
Lee Gibson Quartet

Barker and Shaw at the Movies II

(Friday 6th February 2009)

For our Christmas Party in 2006 Ian Shaw and Guy Barker performed a programme of tunes and songs selected from movies they both know and love. That was such a successful show that they have worked up a new programme in similar vein. It will be peppered with anecdotes and experiences (they’ve both appeared in movies and Guy’s father was a stunt man) and, of course, be a musical treat. Ian’s pianistic and singing skills and Guy’s trumpet virtuosity will blend into a jazz entertainment second to none.

Both of them tell a good tale, so they will give their musical chops a break by regaling us with anecdotes along the way.

Guy recently acted as MD for the opening concert of the London Jazz Festival with 8 separate singers, Nigel Kennedy and a 41 piece orchestra - it was a triumph!
Ian is still busy - he had five gigs during the London Jazz Festival and then a Scottish tour with Claire Martin in December.

Guy Barker - trumpet and tales
Ian Shaw - piano and vocals

Latest CD: Ian Shaw - Lifejacket (Linn AKD 311)
Guy Barker – The Amadeus Project (Global Mix GM2CD02)

www.guybarker.co.uk / www.ianshaw.biz


Ian and Guy

Liam Noble's Brubeck Trio

(Friday 13th February 2009)

It is the second time Liam’s piano trio has visited Wakefield but this time he has top billing. This intriguing project came from Liam’s approach to Dave Brubeck for permission to use his well-loved music. Dave was not only agreeable but said, “do what you like with it”. Now Liam is hardly one to stay within conventional bounds when an invitation like that is offered. We can expect the unexpected and a challenge as to whether any old favourites remain intact. However, it will be modern jazz piano at its most inventive.

This tour precedes the launch of the CD of the same material.

Dave Brubeck’s music has rare charm and transparent elegance, which has led to its considerable commercial success. This highly interactive trio of Liam Noble piano, Mike Janisch bass and Dave Wickins drums / percussion re-evaluates his legacy through an expanded contemporary language playing Brubeck’s music.

"This CD will be an inspiration and a challenge for me to carry on in the avenues that you have opened. I’ve never gone so far into the unknown as you three but I have opened the door and peeked in. Your CD is an invitation to enter". - Dave Brubeck

"A brilliant pianist who hardly plays a solo without at least one turn of phrase that brings you to the edge of your seat" - John Fordham, The Guardian

Liam Noble - piano
Mike Janisch - bass
Dave Wickens - drums

Latest CD: Brubeck (Basho)

Web: www.liamnoble.co.uk


Liam Noble

Phil Robson’s Six Strings and the Beat

(Friday 20th February 2009)

This unusual project takes Phil well away from his usual contexts of Partisans or playing with his partner Christine Tobin (at Wakefield just before this Easter). A string quartet gives a whole new sound to the jazz trio and the music he has written for the ensemble shows a further dimension to his talent.

“. . . is a multi-faceted revelation with Robson meticulously researching his sources and inspirations from a wide spectrum that includes Malian singer Oumou Sangare, Bartok, Ornette Coleman and music associated with Americana along with Robson's unique facility and sensitive grasp of the US jazz tradition from Wes Montgomery and Pat Martino through to Jimi Hendrix.”

Jenny May Logan plays with the Basquiat strings and Kate Short is a dynamic solo performer in her own right. This string section will not provide just a sweetening background. With Peter Herbert offering the ground over which they run this was always unlikely. Then there’s Gene Calderazzo to contend with.

Just in case you felt this all sounds a bit heavy then a glance at the song titles is reassuring: The Mook, Rubber Duck and Hillbleeoos were never meant to be taken over-seriously.

Phil Robson - guitars
Peter Herbert - bass
Gene Calderazzo - drums
Mandy Drummond - violin
Jenny May Logan - violin
Naomie Fairhurst - viola
Kate Short - cello

Latest CD: Six Strings and the Beat

Web: www.myspace.com/philrobson


Phil Robson

Iain Ballamy’s Anorak

(Friday 27th February 2009)

Iain’s chameleon character adopts the acoustic attitude with this band. Most of the music is designed to remind you of a genre you know well but then to make you realise that there’s more to it than you ever appreciated. Ballamy can explore sides of a tune or a style you didn’t realise existed while still conveying that fundamental sense that it belongs to the jazz canon. Humour and mischief abound in music that can only be as much fun as this when played by musicians as superb as these, who cannot be thrown by whatever veering change of direction the music may take.

If you’ve liked Iain in any other context then you’ll be sure to be entertained by this band.

"This robust, yet thoughtful album sees Ballamy taking on the jazz mainstream on his own terms. It is an affectionate love letter to the jazz styles of the 1950s and 1960s which drew him into jazz, but refracted and gently distorted through the prism of his wide musical experiences. Ballamy systematically goes about showing how wrong typecasting can be in general and undoing any preconceptions you may have about him (and his quirky humour in particular)." - Stuart Nicholson in his 4 star review for Jazzwise

Iain Ballamy - tenor sax
Gareth Williams - piano
Steve Watts - bass
Martin France - drums

Latest CD - More Jazz (Basho SRCD 22-2)

Web: http://easyweb.easynet.co.uk/~iainballamy/info.html


Iain Ballamy

Alcyona Mick Double Bill

(Friday 6th March 2009)

Alcyona is a pianist whose burgeoning career was given a mighty boost when she won one of the three places in the Jazz Services Promoters Choice Awards two years ago. She is a graduate of Birmingham Conservatoire and The Royal Academy of Music and was tipped for great things before graduating. As time has passed and her approach has matured the predictions have held up well.

Her debut CD ‘Around the Sun’ with the Quintet we shall hear tonight caused a storm of adulation:

" Alcyona has shortened the odds on becoming regarded as one of the significant forces in the first decade of the 21st century" - John Fordham, Jazz UK 07

A member of the innovative Loop collective, she has opportunities to play with a large variety of the more adventurous young jazz generation. Even so she teamed up with the French saxophonist Robin Finker to explore more new ground for her Blink trio.

Greedy as ever, I asked if she might bring both projects to Wakefield as her introduction to us - she agreed.

Alcyona Mick - piano
Robbie Robson - trumpet
Mark Hanslip - sax
Steve Watts - bass
Paul Clarvis - drums
Blink with Robin Finker - sax
Paul Clarvis - drums

Latest CD: Blink (Loop)

Web: www.MySpace.com/alcyona


Alcyona Mick

Ryan Quigley Sextet

(Friday 13th March 2009)

Ryan Quigley exploded into my consciousness at the Glasgow Jazz Festival last year. He is a trumpeter of outstanding ability and iron lips, he can (and often does) play all night and never ceases to have you on the edge of your seat in anticipation of the next thrill. What’s more he leads a Scottish 'All Star' sextet with the power and skill to complement him (just take a look at those names below). We know a little more of the Scottish scene at Wakefield than most English clubs but it won’t be long before this man’s name is lauded and he is invited back throughout the UK. Along with IDST this was a band that instantly stood out from the crowd among those nominated for the Jazz Promoters award last year - we’re in at the beginning once again.

The style is rip-it-up hard bop with a Scottish touch (he named the title track of his CD in hope of sponsorship). Paul Booth is an honorary Scot for the night (last heard end of October 2008), Laura MacDonald has every credential we could hope for, Brian Kellock is Scotland’s pianistic éminence grise, Mario Caribe a Brazilian expat. who too rarely ventures South of the border; then there’s the storming Alyn Cosker who has raised cheers whenever he has appeared at Wakefield.

Prepare for a great night !

Ryan Quigley - trumpet
Paul Booth - tenor sax
Laura Macdonald - alto sax
Brian Kellock - piano
Mario Caribe - bass
Alyn Cosker - drums

Latest CD: Laphroaigian Slip. (Ryan Quigley Music)

Web: www.myspace.com/ryanquigleytrumpet


Ryan Quigley

University of Strathclyde Big Band – with Mike Walker

(Saturday 14th March 2009) 8pm Start

The unusual opportunity for an extra Saturday gig arose as a result of the Big Band being offered a date at the North West’s Cinnamon Club and not wanting to go home too fast.

This band is a feeder for Tommy Smith’s Youth Jazz Orchestra which in turn breeds members of the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra (of which Ryan Quigley, Alyn Cosker, Konrad Wisniewski, Paul Towndrow and Steve Hamilton are members and 3 of whom got there via this Band). Its leader, trumpeter John Davies, has been weaving his magic for more than 20 years as well as being a member of the University Psychology Department. We can expect a well-disciplined contemporary band capable of giving any Youth Orchestra a run for its money.

The fact that Mike Walker has agreed to front the team is a tribute to them and a delight for us.

There will be about 5 trumpets, 7 saxophones, 4 trombones and a 4-piece rhythm section as well as a vocalist and Mike Walker! This has to be worth coming out for a second night of fine music.

Web: www.subbjazz.com / www.strath.ac.uk/music/activities/bigband.htm


Mike Walker

Joel Frahm with the Mike Janisch Quintet

(Friday 20th March 2009)

This is another of those transatlantic mixed bands that Mike Janisch is brilliant at getting together.

Joel Frahm has been a top New York player for over 20 years; his latest CD was made with Stan Getz’s old rhythm section of Victor Lewis, Kenny Barron, and Rufus Reid.

. . . showing both the chops and lyricism that have made him an irreplaceable part of so many sessions in his two decades on the jazz scene.

The only previous chance to hear him this side of the ocean might have been with Jane Monheit – however Mike brings him to us before a second series of gigs at Ronnie Scott’s.

David Lyttle is the next great drummer to emerge from Ireland and, with Mike, forms the drive behind the front line. David has studied in Canada and New York where he received private tuition from Jeff “Tain” Watts no less.

Jim and Alex we already know as exceptional UK musicians and represent the English contribution to the band.

On a previous short tour in the UK this band featured a lot of two tenor action (Tubby / Ronnie; Stitt / Rollins and Griffin / Lockjaw) which went down magnificently. Shall we hope for more of the same?

Joel Frahm - tenor sax
Alex Garnett - alto / tenor sax
Jim Hart - vibes
Mike Janisch - bass
David Lyttle - drums

Latest CD: We Used to Dance (Joel Frahm – on Anzic UPC: 616892889427)

Web: www.joelfrahm.com


Joel Frahm

Lee Gibson Quartet

(Friday 27th March 2009)

"A nationally and internationally acclaimed singer who has delighted critics and fans alike with her wonderful voice, innate sense of swing and dynamic stage presence. She is that rarity, a swinging singer who has also reached the highest standards of musicianship" - Time Out

Lee’s recording and performance career has encompassed TV appearances, including the Morcambe and Wise Show; radio broadcasts with the BBC Concert Orchestra; shows with the WDR and Francy Boland big bands in Germany; Festival appearances all over Europe and in Australia; concert appearances in Canada, South Africa and the USA, including The Orleans Casino Las Vegas; as well as at virtually all major Halls, Clubs and Festivals in the UK.

Those of us who were at her last performance for Wakefield Jazz will not readily forget the sheer class of her presentation. Nor, apparently, has she as an image from that gig adorns the cover of her CD “Linger Awhile”.

When Marlene was forced to pull out of this date we were delighted that Lee was available and willing, at very short notice, to come to sing for us once more. We know our audience will be enchanted and want to join us in thanking her for her generosity.

Lee Gibson - voice
Chris Holmes - piano
Dave Lynane - bass
Jim Scaife - drums

Latest CD: Here's to Love (Spotlight 2008)

: www.leegibson.co.uk


Lee Gibson