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March to April 2007
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Marlene VerPlanck with the Roy Babbington Trio
Tom Cawley’s Curios
John Colianni Quintet 
Geoff Gascoyne Quintet 
Northern Jazz Orchestra
Dylan Howe Quintet
Esther Miller Sextet
Nicolas Meier Quartet 

Marlene VerPlanck with the Roy Babbington Trio Gallery

(Friday 2nd March 2007)

Marlene is a very experienced artist who has always specialised in songs of classic construction and feel, but not necessarily the ones which have been done to death. Many of her favourites are those ballads which test a singer’s breath control and were arranged by her husband, bass player, Billy (who she met when both were members of the Dorsey Brothers Orchestra). A studio singer for much of her life, she has crossed paths with Frank Sinatra and Mel Torme.

The Roy Babbington Trio has a long-standing relationship with Marlene and was seen recently at Wakefield under the guise of the Geoff Eales trio - so we know what to expect; high quality, swinging music. This concert is one of eleven Marlene is giving on her current UK tour. We are lucky to have the pleasure of presenting her at Wakefield.

Jazz Journal International said of her latest recording : "It goes without saying that everything about this CD is exemplary. VerPlanck's voice is in excellent shape, her diction perfect, a word that might also be used for Billy VerPlanck's arrangements”.

Marlene VerPlanck - vocals
Roy Babbington - bass
Geoff Eales - piano
Mark Fletcher - drums

Latest CD: Marlene VerPlanck “Now!” Audiophile (ACD 330)

Web: www.marleneverplanck.com Top

Marlene VerPlanck

Roy Babbington

Tom Cawley’s Curios

(Friday 9th March 2007)

Tom has been in constant demand since winning two awards in 1998. Most publicly with Gwyneth Herbert and Acoustic Ladyland but also Dave O’Higgins and the Royal Academy.

He has teamed up with the experienced Sam Burgess on bass and explosive wonderkid drummer, Josh Blackmore, to create the trio Curios.

This tour is to promote their debut CD “Hidden” which features all original music which Tom has been developing over time.

Jazzwise described him as “A fearless, out-there player, knocking out ragged torrents of cross-idiomatic ideas with an anarchic sense of solo development.” However don’t let a journalist’s fevered prose put you off a performance by a wonderful player. We shall see Tom again with the Geoff Gascoyne band next.

Tom Cawley - piano
Sam Burgess - bass
Josh Blackmore - drums

Latest CD: Hidden - Jazzizit

Web: www.tomcawley.co.uk Top

Tom Cawley
John Colianni Quintet Gallery

(Friday 16th March 2007)

John is an American pianist who has paid his dues with Lionel Hampton and, for over four years, Mel Torme. He has a weekly gig with the legendary guitarist, Les Paul, at the Iridium club in New York and comes to the UK regularly. He has visited Wakefield in the company of exotic singer, Tira, on the last two occasions but this time brings a swinging quintet.

His influences are Art Tatum and Teddy Wilson which can be evidenced by the immense technical skill his fluent playing demonstrates. Never just a show-off, John puts his abilities at the service of the music and the entertainment of the audience.

This band is a departure for us but it will be a treat to see just which New York musicians John brings with him – of one thing you can be sure; we’ll have a good time.

John Colianni - piano
Justin Lees - Solo Guitar
Ron Jackson - Rhythm Guitar
Young Robert Wagner - Bass
Richard Pite - Drums

Latest CD : Colianni and Company (Dolphin)

Web: www.johncolianni.com Top

John Colianni

Geoff Gascoyne Quintet Gallery

(Friday 23rd March 2007)

After an extended period wearing a comedy hairdo and touring with Jamie Cullum, Geoff has felt the need to express his own musical persona once more. We are delighted to welcome him and the lads back to Wakefield.

This short tour (Jamie still makes demands) is to celebrate the new CD released last September by this quintet and added string quartet with tracks including three singers – Jamie, Trudy Kerr and Georgie Fame (in whose Big Band Geoff plays).
Of his previous CD, “Summer” Chris Parker, writing in Ronnie Scott’s magazine, said - “The fiercely bustling interactiveness of the quartet, not to mention its leader’s power and elegance, mark the music out as world class”

Expect immaculately played accessible modern music with the foundation of virtuoso bass playing and Geoff’s lovely compositions.

Geoff Gascoyne - bass
Jamie Cullum - piano
Steve Kaldestad - tenor sax
Martin Shaw - trumpet
Sebastiaan de Krom - drums

Latest CD : Keep it to Yourself - Candid Records (CCD79798)

Web: www.geoffgascoyne.com Top

Geoff Gascoyne by Colin Hawkins
Northern Jazz Orchestra Gallery

(Friday 30th March 2007)

This is a real Big Band of 16 – 18 musicians from the North West which is led by drummer, Paul Rigby. It is influenced by the work of Basie, Kenton, Mintzer, Florence, Ferguson and Rich, all of which they play, but they work hard to develop their own distinctive sound.

They have been in existence since 1989 and so have a musical pedigree which has included many musicians who went on to greater things – Barnaby Dickinson was in the band on their last CD.

Regular guests at Rawtenstall’s Rhythm Station, we were urged to see if we could get them to cross the Pennines – we did and they will.

Invited to play at several Festivals (Glasgow, Grimsby, Swanage) they should give us a roaring good time in Wakefield.

Latest CD - Good News (Lake Records)

Web: www.njo.org.uk Top

Northern Jazz


Dylan Howe Quintet Gallery

(Friday 13th April 2007)

Once again we welcome this hugely entertaining quintet which gave us so much pleasure on their first visit in September 2005. We have met Brandon (tenor) and Quentin (trumpet) in other bands since then but together, in this now long-standing band, they are devastating. Dylan released his third CD last year and a successful tour in the Autumn promoted it around the country on a 20 gig spin. There is no doubt that this hard bop (and more) band will be a treat for us tonight – as reported at the time of their tour:

“This is contemporary, fresh energetic jazz played with brio and luxuriant swing that makes it music of today. Howe has that gift not only of swing, but to play oh, so quietly, making you listen to his very restraint, as he encourages his family of drums to talk together. Just file under a bloody good night out.” - Andy Robson (Jazzwise)

Dylan Howe - drums
Quentin Collins - trumpet
Brandon Allen - tenor saxophone
Ross Stanley - piano
Chris Hill - bass

Latest CD : Translation (Live at Pizza Express) (Motorik 972)

Web : www.dylanhowe.com

Dylan Howe Quintet
Esther Miller Sextet Gallery

(Friday 20th April 2007)

Esther is a South African born singer who has given up a place at Medical School in Cape Town to live the jazz life. Now resident in the UK she has already had two Jazz Services supported tours and gained much acclaim.

"Esther Miller sat in with my band for a couple of numbers at the Bull’s Head at Barnes, and it took no more than that to reveal her as a spell-binder. Voice, style and presence – she’s got it all. A great talent." Humphrey Lyttelton, August 2006

Her third CD, launched last June, shows her development almost complete and her mastery of the jazz repertoire wholly successful. Whether delicate and delicious on Waltz for Debbie or swinging Bernie’s Tune, Esther will entertain us all tonight. She brings with her a cracking team of like-minded musicians.

Esther Miller - voice
Karen Sharp - tenor
Bryan Corbett - trumpet and flugelhorn
Gerry Spencer - piano
Zoltan Dekany - bass
Neil Bullock - drums

Latest CD : Dream Dancing (Tristan records)

Web : www.esthermiller.co.uk Top

Esther Miller
Nicolas Meier Quartet

(Friday 27th April 2007)

Swiss born guitarist Nicolas Meier has been building a reputation around Europe with his Eastern-influenced music. The band “Orient” was formed some 10 years ago when Nicolas was studying at Berklee college in the USA.

It is partly influenced by his love of the music from his wife’s homeland of Turkey and partly by his guitar heroes McLaughlin and Metheny.

The energy brought to the band by Gilad Atzmon and Asaf Sirkis will be evident to anyone who has seen Gilad’s own band. It was a well-deserved tribute that they won the Revelations 2006 award at the Jazz a Juan festival last summer.

"Meier is elegant in tone and bubbling with ideas.. . his originality as a writer, a player and a team leader dispatches any doubts" - John Fordham (The Guardian)

Nicolas Meier - various guitars
Gilad Atzmon - saxophones
Asaf Sirkis - drums and percussion
Tom Mason - bass

Latest CD : Yuz (Naim records) Not yet released

Web : www.meiergroup.com Top