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January to February 2007
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Kate Williams Quartet
Claire Martin Reunion Band
Big Band Byrne
Pat Crumley Quartet
John Etheridge’s Trio North with Theo Travis 
Bheki Mseleku Quartet / John Donaldson Trio Double Bill
Allison Neale Quartet
Benn Clatworthy Quartet with Anita Wardell
Kate Williams Quintet Gallery

(Friday 5th January 2007)

As the daughter of a famous guitarist it was no surprise that Kate’s education was completed at the Guildhall School of Music following which she won the John Dankworth Award for Talent Deserving Wider Recognition (2000). She has an unshowy but intelligent style of playing which means she has gradually established herself rather than burst noisily onto the scene. In trio, quartet with Julian Siegel and now quintet Kate has always written material to perform but Mulgrew Miller, Lennie Tristano and Victor Young are among the artists whose tune she also plays.

"When I heard her first album I was enormously impressed. My reaction was confirmed by the arrival of a new CD recorded this year .... a superbly lucid and inventive pianist and composer".
Humphrey Lyttleton, October 2005

This will be Steve Kaldestad’s first visit to us but he had transferred to London from Montreal via New York in 2000. He has played regularly with the bands of Mike Carr and Matt Wates.
Gareth Lockrane is an exciting new player, specialising in flute, who is very much in demand with other British bands (James Taylor, Georgia Mancio) as well as leading his own septet and a funk band called Grooveyard.
We welcome both newcomers and our old friends Jeremy and Tristram alike.

Kate Williams - piano
Gareth Lockrane - flute
Steve Kaldestad - tenor saxophone
Jeremy Brown - bass
Tristram Maillot - drums

Latest CD : Scenes and Dreams (Trio) 33 records (33jazz128)

Web : www.kate-williams-quartet.com Top

Kate Williams
Claire Martin Reunion Band Gallery

(Friday 12th January 2007)

Whoever nicknamed Claire the “Madonna” of British Jazz must have had a very short list of comparison points in mind – both are mothers perhaps. This charismatic artiste with the jazz awareness of an instrumentalist has never failed to deliver anything but the very best of musical entertainment. She performs in duo with Richard Rodney Bennett or Ian Shaw, in trio with Barb Jungr and Mari Wilson, leading her own band as tonight or fronting a larger ensemble such as the Laurence Cottle Big Band or the Orchestra of Opera North. In all these settings the audience only has ears for her. We are privileged to have such a star of the UK jazz world at our club tonight.

Her choice of accompanying band is similar to that she used when headlining at Ronnie Scott’s recently – another stellar line-up; all bandleaders in their own right.

Claire Martin - voice
Jim Mullen - guitar
Laurence Cottle - bass
Clark Tracey - drums

Latest CD : When the Lights are Low (with Richard Rodney Bennett) - Linn AKD 260

Web: www.clairemartinjazz.com Top

Claire Martin
Big Band Byrne - The Colin Byrne Jazz Orchestra

(Friday 19th January 2007)

This is a recently formed Big Band based in Leeds, employing the cream of the musicians in the area to bring the big band sound up to date.
Colin Byrne is the master-mind behind both the band its arrangements and some of the compositions they play. He directs them with energy, just as he expects their energetic commitment to the music.

Leaving For Home is the debut CD from Colin’s Jazz Orchestra, Big Band Byrne. It holds seven wonderfully crafted tunes for Jazz Orchestra. With overtones of Ellington and Mingus. Leaving For Home is a CD full of exciting compositions, soloists and contemporary big band music.

“...the band exhibit an infectious enthusiasm both for each other’s playing and for the material Byrne has provided for them, and the resulting album is a joyous celebration of big-band values: tight ensemble work, freewheeling solo features, punchy riff playing, fierce interaction between sections.”
Chris Parker, Vortex Jazz

Saxes :
Jim Corry, Steve Salkind, Tony Burkill
Rob Mitchell, Sam Thornton

Trombones :
Matthew Ball, Andy Hillier
Scott Coutts, Duncan Hamilton

Trumpets :
Tom Tait, Sean Hollis
Gareth Smith, Jamie Hamilton

Rhythm :
Chris Moore-Piano
Darren Dutson Bromley-Guitar
Paul Moore-Bass

Musical Director, Composer, Arranger

Colin Byrne

Latest CD : Leaving for Home

Web: www.bigbandbyrne.com Top

Colin Byrne

Colin Byrne - band

Pat Crumley Quartet Gallery

(Friday 26th January 2007)

Pat's career began in his home town of Oxford, where he led a quartet at the University Jazz Club. He journeyed through the ranks of the John Dankworth Orchestra before touring internationally with such diverse artists as Jack Jones, Lulu and The Animals. Between 1997 and 2002 he and John Critchinson fronted the Ronnie Scott Legacy Band, presenting a sincere tribute to the late saxophonist and club owner who cited Pat Crumley as one of his favourite saxophonists.

Nick Weldon is primarily known for his work accompanying singers such as Jimmy Witherspoon, Annie Ross, Carol Kidd, Mark Murphy and Sheila Jordan.

Tim Wells trained at Berklee in the US and worked mostly in Europe after he returned to live in Cologne. After moving to London in 1989 he formed his own quartet and subsequently worked with Alan Skidmore, Bobby Wellins, Tim Garland, Kenny Wheeler, Norma Winstone plus many visiting American soloists.
Mark Fletcher was seen recently with both Geoff Eales and Polly Gibbons and is a popular drummer with any band because of his rich inventiveness and amazing technique.

Pat Crumley - tenor saxophone
Nick Weldon - piano
Tim Wells - bass
Mark Fletcher - drums

Latest CD : Weaver of Dreams 33 Jazz Records (33Jazz086)

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Pat Crumley

John Etheridge’s Trio North with Theo Travis Gallery

(Friday 2nd February 2007)

We have been keen to extend an invitation to this special band whenever Ben Crosland has been able to pin John down in his busy schedule to join him for a short tour up North. The jazz which we have experienced has always been of the best and peppered with John’s anecdotes and solo guitar spots. We have also been delighted to invite guest soloists to join the band at Wakefield and create a temporary quartet.

This time we are glad to welcome Theo Travis who works with John in Soft Machine Legacy. Theo took over after the sad death of Elton Dean last February. In this band, however, he will be exploring a less frenetic side of his talent than what is required for the jazz-fusion work of Soft Machine.

With Ben and Dave we can be sure to tap into the most exciting and lyrical sides of John’s wide-ranging jazz talent. As Pat Metheny said; “He’s one of the best guitarists in the world”.

John Etheridge - guitars
Theo Travis - tenor saxophone
Ben Crosland - bass
Dave Tyas - drums

Latest CD : The Soft Machine Legacy (with Soft Machine Legacy)
MoonJune records (MJR 008)
'At the Dimming of the Day' new album with Chris Garrick on Flying Blue Whale

Web: www.johnetheridge.com Top

John Etheridge
Bheki Mseleku Quartet / John Donaldson Trio Double Bill Gallery

(Friday 9th February 2007)

This is another of those generous offerings where two bands tour together. Only Simon Thorpe appears with both bands.
John Donaldson has been heard at Wakefield in an enormous range of different bands, most recently with Tony Kofi’s Monk band. He always fits perfectly with the needs of the style of performance (even on an electric keyboard with Don Weller) but who is the real John Donaldson? A performance in duo with Mark Edwards stopped the Festival at Appleby two years ago and revealed a bit more of his talent. John will play Monk tunes and standards as well as his own compositions. With the quirky Asaf Sirkis (from Gilad’s band) to drive up the energy and Simon to keep feet on the ground this has to be a trio worth listening to.

South African Bheki was a regular figure in the UK during the 90’s playing with Courtney Pine and other ensembles from the Jazz Warriors. His first CD was nominated for a Mercury Music prize as outstanding CD of the year. Moving to the USA three wonderful CDs were issued on Verve with a stellar set of artists sharing the bill.
After going home his star waned in this country but his latest CD – township inspired reflective music – is thought to be his best yet.
Old favourite Winston and new favourite Gareth join Simon in completing this fascinating quartet.

Bheki Mseleku - piano
Gareth Lockrane - flute
Simon Thorpe - bass
Winston Clifford - drums

John Donaldson - piano
Simon Thorpe - bass
Asaf Sirkis - percussion

Latest CD : Music Box Woodville (WVCD110) – John D.
Home at Last (Sheer sound) - Bheki

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Bheki Mseleku
Allison Neale Quartet Audience Comment Gallery

(Friday 16th February 2007)

Born in Seattle and brought up in Northamptonshire Allison’s musical education was at de Montford University (Leicester) and the Guildhall for her postgraduate diploma. She held the flute chair in NYJO until she started her own band with which she has been working ever since.

Her CD Melody Express was record of the week in the Observer on its release when Dave Gelly said : “I defy anyone not to be charmed by this beautiful CD. Allison Neale plays the alto saxophone with a tone so light and airy that it melts at the edges.”

It gives a good demonstration of the straightahead style of playing we can expect from Allison tonight in which the influences of Paul Desmond and Art Pepper can be detected.

Seasoned players all - Dave, Simon and Matt provide perfect support for her sounds.

Allison Neale - alto saxophone & flute
Dave Cliff - guitar
Simon Thorpe - bass
Steve Brown - drums


Latest CD : Melody Express (33 Records) 33JAZZ103

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Allison Neale
Benn Clatworthy Quartet with Anita Wardell Gallery

(Friday 23rd February 2007)

Benn and Anita are both favourites at Wakefield. They made a CD together in 2004 (If You Never Come To Me) which was a knockout. Benn brought the American pianist Cecilia Coleman with him on his last visit – she was a knockout. As a rhythm section Martin and Mike are a knockout. Anita deservedly won the BBC Jazz Awards “Best of Jazz Award” last year; which was a knockout.

This is the last gig in a short Northern tour that the band are doing together so the experience we get should be . . . a knockout!

Benn Clatworthy - tenor
Cecilia Coleman - piano
Mike Janisch - bass
Martin Drew - drums
Anita Wardell - voice

Latest CD: Noted - Specific - Proper records (Anita)
Let’s Face the Music - Maestro Music (Benn)

Web : www.anitawardell.com Top

Benn Clatworthy

Anita Wardell