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September to December 2006
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David Newton Trio
Snake Davis’ "Burden of Paradise"
Andy Panayi / Mark Nightingale - Little Big Band
Ian Shaw Solo

John Helliwell’s "Crème Anglaise"
Liam Noble Quartet / Julian Arguelles Trio
Plater / Barnes “The Seven Ages of Jazz”

Geoff Eales Trio
Peter King Quintet - Salute to Elvin 
Polly Gibbons Quintet

Tim Whitehead Giovanni Mirabassi Quartet

Roseanna Vitro

Ian Shaw with Guy Barker 

David Newton Trio Gallery

(Friday 1st September 2006)

David Newton is an established and well-loved figure of British Jazz. His work with Alan Barnes or accompanying singers such as Carol Kidd or Stacey Kent has built him a reputation for providing swinging entertainment. He has recently been performing in trio format where his talents can be better displayed. Dave has played at Wakefield many times and this relationship was cemented when he co-wrote the tracks for the commemorative band, concert and recording, Bootleg Eric. This was for the tenth anniversary of the club. The band got together once more to perform this material in July this year.

This project was suggested by fellow Scot Nigel Clark (last heard at Wakefield with the Scottish guitar quartet). Oscar Peterson made many immensely successful records in a guitar trio. Most memorably with Herb Ellis and Ray Brown in the 60s and reunited in the 80s but also with Joe Pass and Neils Henning Oersted Pederson

The band pays homage to these trios and with virtuoso role models on their respective instruments you can expect the fireworks to explode in a straight ahead and exciting fashion.

David Newton - piano
Nigel Clark - guitar
Paul Morgan - bass

Latest CD : Inspired (trio with Steve Brown and Matt Miles) Bright New Day
Records (BNDCD 032)

Web: www.davidnewton.net Top

David Newton


Snake Davis’ "Burden of Paradise"

(Friday 8th September 2006)

Snake has been a regular friend of the Club since its beginning and has always drawn a large and enthusiastic audience. Whether playing in his Northern Soul and Funk styles or moving towards the Folk end of the spectrum with unusual instruments such as the penny whistle or Japanese shakuhachi he never fails to enchant. His work with Eurythmics and Heather Small of M-people has made him an 'in demand' player in the world of pop and session work. He last appeared at Wakefield with his larger band “The Suspicions” and gave us a rocking night. This outing promises to be no less exciting.

This is a new band and Snake has teamed up with Manchester born acoustic folk-soul singer Helen Watson. Helen has recorded regularly since the 80s with the likes of Andy Fairweather-Lowe, Christine Collister, Barb Jungr and Chris While. Her style fits perfectly with the approach to music that Snake takes.

"Helen Watson, blessed with excellent phrasing and control she slips effortlessly from breathy, seductive jazz to gritty R&B."

Chris ‘Snake’ Davis - saxes and other wind instruments
Helen Watson - voice
David Bowie - bass
Mark Cresswell - guitar

Latest CD - “Hysteria” on Skin records (Skin 5003)

Web: www.snakedavis.com Top

Snake davis


Andy Panayi / Mark Nightingale - Little Big Band

(Friday 15th September 2006)

Two of the most accomplished musicians of their generation who have teamed up regularly to play the music of Gerry Mulligan and a whole host of their own compositions. They have known each other since their time in the National Youth Jazz Orchestra and have a deep understanding of each other. Both have been regular visitors to Wakefield over the years and have established themselves as favourites – together they can whip up a storm.

Both musicians are composers and arrangers in their own right and have contributed to any band they have been a part of. They share the desire to make their offerings as accessible as their playing and so ballads and up tempo numbers will be equally appealing.

With the support of Simon Woolf and Steve Brown it is guaranteed that this will be a night of music that swings.

Andy Panayi - flute, tenor and baritone saxes
Mark Nightingale - trombone
Simon Woolf - bass
John Perry - drums
John Horler - Piano

Latest CD : Time Displaced (Mainstem records) MSTCD 0028

Web: www.andypanayi.co.uk Top

Andy Panayi Quartet

Andy Panayi


Ian Shaw Solo Gallery

(Friday 6th October 2006)

Ian Shaw is without doubt the most experienced entertainer in his field in Britain. He currently works with several other singers: Claire Martin, Liane Carroll and Jacqui Dankworth, but is at his freest to extemporise in every sense when on his own. His larger than life personality and off-the-wall sense of humour lend themselves to the sort of performance he has been developing over the years – an all embracing cabaret-style show.

He has many other strings to his bow - particularly in producing other people's records. He has recently been working with Charlotte Church. He writes songs too and one such was used in an Adrian Shergold film in which Ian played “Percy” and which recently premiered at the Toronto film festival.

Jazzwise, who featured Ian on its cover recently, wrote: “Ian Shaw has long been regarded as the UK’s leading male jazz singer, capable of delivering interpretations of a wide variety of jazz-related songs with a devastating emotional punch.”

Ian Shaw - Voice and piano

Latest CD: Drawn to all Things (The songs of Joni Mitchell) Linn records AKD 276

Web: www.ianshaw.biz Top

Ian Shaw

John Helliwell’s "Crème Anglaise" Gallery Quote

(Friday 13th October 2006)

Once John decided that he needed to follow his own proclivities and play material he had written (and not just the Supertramp catalogue) he did something about it. He returned from California to study at RNCM and strayed into the world of jazz-influenced music and musicians. The result was the creation, in 2004, of this band Crème Anglaise. He persuaded Mike Walker that a good time could be had by all if he was on the team and another of his Supertramp buddies, American Mark Hart, similarly came onboard.

The result has been exciting audiences around the North of England ever since on those occasions when John can get everyone together to go out on the road.

John Helliwell - tenor sax
Arthur Lea - piano
Mike Walker - guitar
Geth Griffith - bass
Ben Bryant - drums
Special guest - organ / vocals

Latest CD : Awaiting release

Web: www.johnhelliwell.com Top Comment

John Helliwell


Liam Noble Quartet / Julian Arguelles Trio Gallery

(Friday 20th October 2006)

We are very lucky to have snared this pair of bands to come to Wakefield. The tour has been two years in the organising because of difficulties in getting the American members free at the same time to come to the UK. In Liam’s quartet and Julian’s trio two other members are both American stars of the loft scene.

Liam was seen at Wakefield recently with Harrison Smith’s band but he will be freed to play with soulmates in this band.

“A highly inventive and thoughtful musician, Noble graces any band he joins, while his own music combines characterful composing with fresh, risk-embracing improvisation..…” “…a brilliant pianist…who hardly plays a solo without at least one turn of phrase that brings you to the edge of your seat”. John Fordham

Julian Arguelles is now established as one of the UK’s foremost contemporary saxophonists and was recently seen around Britain in a similar lineup with American drummer Jim Black and bassist Ronan Guilfoyle. That band showed Julian capable of the constant thought and work involved in keeping such a spare band interesting. The freedom to interact and find a constant flow of ideas coming from your partners is just the environment in which Jukian thrives.

Liam Noble - piano
Phil Robson - guitar
John Hebert - bass
Tom Rainey - percussion

Julian Arguelles - tenor saxophone
John Hebert - bass
Tom Rainey - percussion

Latest CD : Romance among the fishes (Basho SRCD 13-2) Liam Noble
Home truths (Babel 39) Julian Arguelles

Web: www.liamnoble.co.uk and www.julianarguelles.com Top

Liam Noble

Julian Arguelles


Founders’ Day Presentation Gallery Quote

Plater / Barnes “The Seven Ages of Jazz” (Friday 27th October 2006)

In both 2004 and 2005 a highlight of the Scarborough Jazz Festival was the Saturday afternoon suite of music and lyrics created for the festival by Alan Barnes and long-term jazz fan playwright Alan Plater. In both cases an octet of the cream of British jazz played Alan Barnes’s charts with Alan Plater’s witty lyrics sung by Liz Fletcher. The first commission was “Unsung Heroes” commemorating figures from jazz history who received less attention than they deserved. Then came “The Seven Ages of Jazz” taking a rapid swing through the variety of styles of jazz playing through the last century. Alan Plater provided entertaining links between the numbers.

With Alec Sykes support we are proud to present the second of these suites tonight.

Alan’s No No Nonet played several of the selections from the Heroes suite on their last visit so if you enjoyed that then you’ll be bound to enjoy this. Even more so, as we shall be given the full suite in sequence and be honoured by the participation of Alan Plater himself.

This will be an exceptional night of fine music and fun – book early.

Alan Plater - blether
Alan Barnes - alto, baritone and clarinet
Liz Fletcher - vocals
Bruce Adams - trumpet
Mark Nightingale - trombone
Jimmy Hastings - tenor and flute
Alex Garnett - tenor
Brian Dee - piano
Simon Thorpe - bass
Paul Clarvis - drums

Latest CD : Yeah! (Proper records)

Web: www.alan-barnes.co.uk Top Comment

Alan Plater

Alan Barnes

Geoff Eales Trio

(Friday 3rd November 2006)

To many of us who were delighted to be at Geoff’s concert, Remembering Bill, in tribute to Bill Evans last year, it seemed like a star was emerging from obscurity.

Here was a fully mature jazz pianist full of energy and enthusiasm who had been around for ages and yet had escaped our notice. His tour was a National and International success and immediately put Geoff on the jazz map. An effervescent Welshman, Geoff had spent a great deal of time in studios rather then clubs and was now reaching a wider audience in a very personal way. This tour, also extensive, is to promote the trio’s new CD – Homecoming – and features many of Geoff’s own compositions but Porter, Berlin and Jobim are also represented.

Roy Babbington is too rarely seen outside London so this is a treat for that reason as well. Mark Fletcher is well loved for his swinging and sympathetic support for any jazz player, especially Geoff.
Alyn Shipton wrote in the Times :

“This is an exceptional piano trio, playing an unusual and varied repertoire with an uncanny level of skill and commitment, and well worth seeking out as it tours the country"

Geoff Eales - piano
Roy Babbington - bass
Mark Fletcher - drums

Latest CD : The Homecoming (33 records)

www.geoffeales.com Top

Geoff Eales Trio

Peter King Quintet - Salute to Elvin Gallery

(Friday 10th November 2006)

This band represents homage from musicians who know how significant a figure Elvin Jones was as all (apart from Martin) had worked with him. But as Peter says there is no-one else in Britain who could fulfil the role of drummer in an Elvin salute but Martin Drew.

Alan Skidmore, of course, has a further affinity through his appreciation of the work of John Coltrane whose seminal quartet was driven by Elvin. The band’s first outing was at the Brecon Jazz festival this summer with Chico Freeman boosting the line-up. A highlight of the festival, the energy and sophistication of the playing were entirely suitable to the feeling Elvin’s bands engendered. If you know the playing of any of these musicians then this material brings out the best in them and we can be sure of an exciting night.
It has been said many times before but can stand being said once more – especially by the Master himself :

"A wonderful musician ...PETER KING of course is a master of his instrument. People are aware of that here [In America], as well as in England". (ELVIN JONES, 'Jazz U.K. Sept 2001).

Peter King - alto saxophone
Alan Skidmore - tenor saxophone
Steve Melling - piano
Alec Dankworth - bass
Martin Drew - drums

Latest CD - Footprints (Miles Music)
The Last Time I Saw You; Stan Tracey Trio with Peter King (Trio TR566)

Web: www.milesmusic.co.uk/pking0703.html Top

Peter King
Polly Gibbons Quintet Press Review Gallery

(Friday 17th November 2006)

Polly is a new singer who has attracted attention very rapidly because of her bluesy breathy voice and undoubted musical talent. She was nominated in the “Rising Star” category at this year’s BBC Jazz Awards. She is a protégé of Ian Shaw’s who has appeared with her on one of the two demo. CDs she has circulated. From past recommendations Ian’s judgement can be trusted and this is what he says :

“This talent is one in a million… miss her gigs at your peril!!” (Ian Shaw - Jazz Singer)

A cross between Blossom Deary and Lena Horn, Polly is concentrating on the standards at present but generally presents a song with an interesting new arrangement or some other twist to keep things fresh.

You get to see the stars of the future first at Wakefield.

Polly Gibbons - vocals
Jim Watson - piano
Sam Lasserson - bass
Mark Fletcher - drums
Quentin Collins - trumpet

Latest CD - What's the Real Reason / Polly Gibbons - Rugged Ram Records (Code: RRAMCD11) Release date: 26th October 2006

Web: www.pollygibbons.com Top

Polly Gibbons
Tim Whitehead Giovanni Mirabassi Quartet Gallery

(Friday 24th November 2006)

Tim Whitehead has become an established figure on the UK Jazz scene with a hand in many projects both of his own and the bands of others, in particular his Homemade Orchestra. He has been playing since he decided the role of barrister was not for him in 1976 – yes, really, that long ago – and has visited Wakefield sporadically throughout.

Giovanni Mirabassi is an Italian now based in Paris who plays straight ahead piano influenced by Keith Jarrett’s early work. His record Avanti sold 20,000 copies in France and won the “Best Album” 2003 from the Django Reinhardt Acadamy of Jazz. He is a really lyrical musician, as is Tim, and so a partnership has developed based on a common approach to music.

This group made a short tour of the UK last Spring to launch their CD Lucky Boys (given a 4 star review in the Guardian) which confirmed the wide base of fans for whom their music has popular appeal.

"There's an earthiness mixing with the lyricism in UK saxophonist Tim Whitehead's playing that suggests he might just jump on a bar and start rocking.” (John Fordham, Guardian, March 2006)

Giovanni Mirabassi - piano
Tim Whitehead - tenor saxophone
Oli Hayhurst - bass
Milo Fell - drums

Latest CD : Lucky Boys (Home Made Records HMR050)

Web: www.timwhitehead.co.uk Top

Tim Whitehead

Roseanna Vitro Gallery

(Friday 1st December 2006)

Roseanna is an American singer who played her first ever UK gig at Wakefield after a horrendous journey via Ireland and suffering a sore throat. Despite this inauspicious arrival she impressed everyone and gave an exciting swinging concert. She has long been an established figure on the American scene and her latest CD includes Kenny Werner and Joe Lovano in the band – not bad! A lover of the American songbook she also uses scat and vocalese to demonstrate her total musicianship.

We are delighted to have her return to Wakefield bringing Adrian D’Souza from the USA on drums. Gareth Williams on piano and Simon Woolf on bass make up the UK half of the quartet.

"(Vitro) sings like a velvet gauntlet, the smoky atmospherics of Morgana King, veiling the harder realities of a Carmen McRae." (Fred Bouchard).

Roseanna Vitro - voice
Gareth Williams - piano
Simon Woolf - bass
Martin Drew - drums

Latest CD : Tropical Postcards (A Records - SAAL73244)

Web: www.roseannavitro.com Top

Roseanna Vitro
Ian Shaw with Guy Barker - Songs from the Movies Gallery

Christmas Special

(Friday 8th December 2006)

It is unusual for an artiste to headline twice in the same season at Wakefield - but when the artiste is Ian Shaw who’ll complain?

This project came about as a result of the interest Ian and Guy share in movies, especially those with a musical or even jazz content. Everyone will remember Guy’s album Soundtrack, which was nominated for the Mercury prize, a successful themed suite following the plot of an imaginary film with the instruments cast in the leading roles. Guy has also broadcast a radio series discussing the industry’s attempts to use jazz in films, including his own appearances.

Ian himself has also recently featured in a movie. His tendency to theatricality will be a boon when it comes to conveying the emotion of a movie lyric.

Just as Guy previewed the Soundtrack suite at Wakefield (to a standing ovation) this will be the first outing for this collaboration - catch it while it’s fresh.

For something special and just a bit different this gig will make a rollicking end to 2006 - don’t leave it too late to get your tickets.

Ian Shaw - Voice and piano
Guy Barker - Trumpet

Latest CD : Ian - Drawn to all Things (The songs of Joni Mitchell) Linn records (AKD 276)
Guy - Let them Crevulate (
with Stan Tracey trio) Trio records (TR 573)

Web: www.ianshaw.biz Top

Ian Shaw

Guy Barker